Best Bug Remover For Cars

Spring can already be felt in the air with the rising temperatures and blooming flowers and greenery in the gardens. This is nature’s way of showing us that summer is not far away. And the warm weather is the favorite time for insects to swarm in masses and cause large-scale destruction.

If you own a car, you might start observing pesky insect corpses around the car’s grill. The best bug removers for cars are formulated to eliminate these little insects that are both bothersome and also damage your car.

Not just against the insects, car care cleaning removers for cars can help you take care of the carnage across the grill of your car caused due to tar and other debris. The weather doesn’t matter much as your car runs a lot of miles all year long. Those extra miles are enough to allow all sorts of dirt and debris to cling to the front grill of your vehicle.

Bugs, tar, and sap are much more harmful than you can imagine. They build up on your vehicle and bite into the paint. This leaves unwanted spots and lowers visibility. Also, insects are loaded with acids capable of eating away the paint finish and etch by the clear coat.

Hence it must be your top-most priority to invest in the best bug remover for cars before these little devils leave a lasting impression on the metal, paint, and glass of your vehicle, and tar destroys it further. To help you make an updated purchasing decision, we have compiled a list of the best bug removers for cars.

An effective bug remover is usually helpful in getting rid of tar and debris too. The front of your car’s bumper needs specific care and the best bug removers for cars aid in keeping your car fit for another maneuver in the mountains.

The only problem is that nowadays we are spoilt for choices. To reduce your legwork, take a look at our top picks for the best bug removers for cars:

Top 15 Best Bug Removers For Cars 2021

1. Prosol Bugs N’ All – Multipurpose Vehicle Cleaner

Prosol has formulated Bugs N’ All multipurpose vehicle cleaner to resolve all your cleaning troubles effectively. It is suitable for all surfaces with its advanced formula. Expect good things from this car cleaner as it would not disappoint you.

The smart technology of the liquid first neutralizes the acids. Then it penetrates its way through by softening the layers. It finally clears away the grease, grime, and dried bug splatter without damaging anything else. You can use it for cleaning the interiors as well.

It cleans the vehicle inside out and leaves no grease or gloss behind. The concentrated formula is to be diluted in soap water before use to ensure that you pay less per quart of liquid used. Turns bug guts into mush in less than 60 seconds with this powerful car cleaner.

Key Features

  • Tough all-purpose spray car cleaner
  • Advanced smart technology to neutralize acids
  • Cleans stains, grease, grime, bugs, and dirt in seconds
  • Gentle on the wax, car paint, upholstery, clear coat, and polish
  • Environment-friendly and biodegradable
  • Non-toxic with no harsh chemicals
  • Unscented
  • Non-flammable and petroleum-free
  • Non-corrosive and non-abrasive
  • Premium product


  • Easy to use
  • Most of the tar, dirt, and bugs come off in the first scrubbing.
  • Mixes easily
  • It cuts through tougher and older stains easily.
  • It gets the work done quickly.


  • You might need plenty of elbow grease to get rid of the older layers of grime, grease, and stains.
  • The container is not sturdy and reliable enough to store the bottle in your car as it might leak.


2. CarMagic Bug Remover

Eliminate road grime and bugs within seconds, using Absolutely Clean CarMagic Bug Remover. The fast-acting enzyme formula can instantly break down tar, dirt, and bugs just in a few sprays.

The cleaner is formulated from plant-based enzymes that are safe and non-toxic, yet powerful and effective. The gentle formula has no fumes and is safe to use on all kinds of surfaces, as it would attack only the things that needed to be removed.

The cleaner is made in the USA and consists of all-natural ingredients that are safe and powerful. Keep your vehicle in top shape by spraying it on the surface and letting it sit before wiping away all the things that can harm your car.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty exterior cleaner for cars
  • Natural cleaning enzymes
  • Remove bugs, tar, grime, etc., from the exterior surface of the car without harming the wax coating.
  • Safe on all exterior vehicle surfaces
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Acid-free formula with a balanced pH
  • Non-toxic
  • Fume-free


  • No messy application, with an easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Works well on scratches
  • Takes off most of the bugs in the first use only
  • Natural enzymes are safe around children and pets.


  • You might have to rub hard to get rid of the bugs after applying the spray.
  • It is not heavy-duty as such.


3. Armor All Extreme Bug & Tar Remover

Your vehicle is constantly subjected to wear and tear of all kinds, including the accumulation of road grime, tar, bird droppings, and even bugs. Use Armor All Extreme Bug and Tar Remover to get rid of all such worries.

Remove unsightly and tough particles by simply spraying and wiping them off. The spray-bottle comes with a streak-free formula that leaves no mark on the surface. This cleaner is safe on the car surface as it preserves the wax coating to keep your car shining.

The multi-purpose usage allows you to use it as a pre-treatment before washing your vehicle. It is safe for exterior finishes and clears all bug corpses within seconds. The special formulation makes your car clean and shining.

Key Features

  • A streak-free formula for a smooth finish
  • Effectively removes bug splats, road tar, and bird droppings.
  • Safe on the vehicle surface
  • Wax preservation
  • Pre-treatment before car washing
  • Maintains shine of the vehicle
  • Perfect for spot cleaning


  • Bug corpses can be wiped out in seconds with a microfiber cloth.
  • Convenient spray bottle
  • The streak-free formula allows maintaining shine on the vehicle.
  • It makes washing quite easy.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It works well on bug splats but is not of much help against tar.
  • The consistency is too watery that it flows off the sides wherever it is applied.


4. 3D Bug Remover Concentrate

This is an enzyme-based cleaner from 3D Store that acts quickly to loosen and soften bug spats and tree sap on the vehicle. It can be used on all surfaces of the car, including the paint, plastic, windows, and grills, as it does not damage any surface.

Also known as a concentrated degreaser, it is easy to apply and rinse off from the car. The formula is created with natural organic ingredients, making it biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is easy to use and does not require any elbow grease — just apply and wipe.

With this bug remover, keep your car clean and safe at the same time. The formula is sunlight-friendly and doesn’t damage the surface, even in extreme heat and humidity. Apply, wait, and wipe away all your bug troubles with the 3D Bug Remover Concentrate.

Key Features

  • Enzyme-based bug cleaner
  • Easy spray and rinse formula
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients
  • No scrubbing necessary


  • The concentrated formula works great on the bug corpses.
  • Sunlight-friendly
  • Safe on the grills, paint, plastic, and windows as well
  • It doesn’t require any scrubbing.
  • Value for money


  • It is not suitable for tar and road grime.
  • The formula is too watery and flows off the edges.


5. Car Care Haven Bug Remover X

Specially designed for removing bug splats from your vehicles, this cleaner performs even better by being effective against tar, goo, and grime along with the bug corpses. Car Care Haven Bug Remover X comes with a microfiber-mesh bug sponge scrubber to remove all the unwanted particles from your car.

It is easy to use by simply spraying in the desired area and then gently wiping it off using the bug sponge scrubber included with the package. The formula melts away the bug spats with minimal effort while being gentle on the paint of your car.

It is suitable for the exterior surfaces of the car, including the windshield, plastic, and paint. This bug remover not only gets rid of the bug corpses but also protects your car from permanent damage. It, hence, earns a rightful spot on our best bug removers for car guide.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Clears tar, grime, tree sap, and other particles too along with bug splats
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Gentle on the car surface and protects the paint and clear coat
  • The package includes a microfiber-mesh bug sponge scrubber.


  • Easy to apply
  • Works quickly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not much elbow grease is necessary.


  • It is not very effective on tree sap.
  • It runs like water all over the car surface due to a thin consistency.


6. Griot’s Garage Bug and Smudge Remover

For safe and easy removal of bug corpses, smudge, tar, tree sap, and other car-cleaning purposes, use Griot’s Garage Bug and Smudge Remover. It helps you to get rid of all the trouble-causing particles.

This cleaner helps you to soften and loosen the bug splats and wipe them off easily. The formula is safe to be used on all kinds of car surfaces, including paint, plastic, windshield, and grill.

What’s more, the cleaner is capable of getting rid of rubber scuff marks that may have occurred due to parking mishaps or other roadside damage. You can use this bug remover for pre-treating the car before washing it.

Key Features

  • Softens and loosens bug corpses
  • Safe, easy, and quick removal of bug splats
  • It helps in removing heavy oils, smudge, gunk, and heavy road grime.
  • Suitable for rubber scuff marks as well
  • Safe and gentle on the car surface


  • Great for removing stubborn spots
  • The foam is effective enough to get rid of bug splats and tree gunk.
  • Protects the wax coating on the car
  • Easy to use


  • It is a bit pricey as compared to other bug removers in the market.
  • You might need to scrub too much to get rid of the tough spots.
  • The greasy smudge takes a lot of elbow grease to be cleaned up.


7. Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover

Bugs, tar, and tree sap are hard to get rid of if you don’t have the proper weapons. Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover helps you clear out all bug splats and other damaging particles effectively.

Precision spot cleaning allows you to clean every inch and corner of your vehicle, even the tough bends, and curves. The powerful formula is capable of removing stains as well. It is effective on all surfaces, including plastic, paint, and grill.

The formula is non-dripping and doesn’t flow off the edges after application. It easily removes dried residue as well. For clean and shining exteriors, use Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover, which is safe and effective.

Key Features

  • Removes all bugs, bird droppings, and tar
  • Powerful stain-removing formula
  • Removes dried-on residue
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Non-drip formula
  • Effective precision spot cleaning


  • Easy to use
  • Works well on all exterior surfaces of your car
  • Removes sap with minor scrubbing
  • Safe on the wax coating


  • It doesn’t do very well on small spots and marks.
  • It seems a bit strong for removing sap.


8. McKee’s Road Kill Bug Remover

Formulated using advanced technology, McKee’s Road Kill Bug Remover is gentle on your car’s paint and wax coating as it comes with clear-coat safe surfactants. It breaks down the bug splats and dissolves them for easy removal before they can cause permanent damage.

It is quite easy to use — just simply spray and wipe off. It requires no rinsing. The formula is safe on paint, chrome, glass, and plastic trim. Just a couple of ounces of McKee’s Road Kill Bug Remover are enough to clear all bug corpses.

It is a fast-acting cleaner that annihilates all the bug corpses in just a few seconds. The pesky bugs are removed, and the delicate finish of your car is not harmed. If you live in an area plagued by love bugs, this cleaner is one of the best bug removers for cars available in the market.

Key Features

  • Fast-acting bug cleaner and remover
  • Annihilates pesky bug guts
  • Maintains your vehicle’s delicate finish
  • Advanced clear-coat surfactants
  • Simple spray application
  • Concentrated and strong against love bugs


  • Keeps the bug guts soaked for a while so that they are removed at once.
  • Works well when used for spot cleaning
  • The bugs melt within seconds.
  • Suitable for all exterior surfaces
  • Value for money


  • Be careful while scrubbing this on painted surfaces as it might harm the paint.
  • Overspray can remove the shine of the surface.
  • It doesn’t work as effectively on the glass as on other surfaces.


9. B.E.S.T. Bug-Off Bug Remover

If you have bugs all over your car surface, including the windshield, and they don’t come off easily, use B.E.S.T. Bug-off Bug Remover by simply spraying and wiping the pesky bug splats off in just a few minutes.

Highly effective on love bugs, this formula is safe on the surface and doesn’t harm the paint and wax coating of your car. Even if the bugs are baked in the sun, they come off easily just by rinsing them off.

It contains no acids or caustics that would harm the shine of your vehicle. The formula is biodegradable and eco-friendly. If your vehicle is swarmed by love bugs, just spray B.E.S.T. Bug-off Bug Remover and get them off.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly
  • Effective against tree sap and road grime as well
  • Convenient refillable spray bottle


  • Bugs melt quite easily.
  • Works well on all kinds of bugs
  • Makes quick work of baked bug guts as well
  • It takes little effort to get rid of all bugs.


  • It might leave a haze on your windshield that is difficult to get rid of.
  • It might take off a little paint if scrubbed on the surface.
  • It might destroy the shine of your vehicle.


10. Chemical Guys Bug + Tar Remover

A must-have for all heavy-duty vehicle owners, the Chemical Guys Bug + Tar Remover has a fast-acting formula that safely removes all bug splats, tar, and grime and restores the shine of the car surface.

The concentrated formula gets rid of all the sun-dried stubborn bug corpses in just a few minutes. It is a great solution against tree sap and bird droppings as well. Use this as a pre-wash to soften and loosen the stuck bugs. Pre-wash ensures that there is no long term damage to the paint of the car.

The versatile formula removes grease, road grime, asphalt, and dried bugs. The strong formula doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing and makes the bug-removal smooth and easy. It has earned a rightful spot on our best bug removers for cars list.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty bug remover
  • Versatile cleaner for road grime, tar, bird droppings, and bugs
  • The concentrated formula works well on dried bug corpses too.
  • It can be used as a pre-wash
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces of the car
  • Great for trucks, motorcycles, and RVs


  • It works well on bugs with a little scrubbing.
  • Most bugs come off in a single application.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty vehicles.


  • It doesn’t work well on tar and road grime.
  • You might have to do a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the bugs.
  • It might create swirl marks on the surface of the car due to excessive scrubbing.


11. Capro TarX Powerful Tar and Adhesive Remover

A professional-grade cleaning formula, Capro TarX Powerful Tar and Adhesive Remover gets rid of bugs, adhesive, tar, asphalt, and any other tough marks on the surface of your vehicle. It is fast and efficient in delivering the desired results.

This advanced formula is capable of avoiding rust or any other damage that other cleaners might cause to the surface of the car. It neutralizes the harmful chemicals that cause rust by creating a protective layer on the surface.

The liquid is formulated with natural ingredients, with the major strength of the solvent being extracted from orange peels. The versatile formula can be used as a degreaser, insect remover, and cleaner for tar, asphalt, and road grime. It is a preferred formula by professionals around the world, making it one of the best bug removers for cars.

Key Features

  • Professional-grade versatile formula
  • Protects against rust
  • Formulated using natural ingredients like orange peels
  • Multi-purpose usage as degreaser, cleaner, and bug remover
  • Advanced formula to prolong the paint and coating of the car
  • Preferred by professionals


  • Tar spots come off with minimal effort.
  • It gives a shiny and clear finish without any haze.
  • Removes adhesive quite easily
  • No scraping required
  • Removes all bug corpses in a flash


  • It doesn’t work as well on tree sap as on bugs, adhesive, and tar.
  • The spray nozzle might leak while spraying.
  • Don’t use it on paint protection film as it might leave unwanted spots.


12. Meguiar’s Heavy-Duty Bug & Tar Remover

This heavy-duty bug remover from Meguiar’s effectively removes bugs and tar from the surface of your vehicle while maintaining the shine and finish. The professional-grade formula is tough on the bug splats and gentle on the car surface.

It is clear-coat safe and is suitable for exterior surfaces of your vehicle, including paint, plastic, grill, and windows. This bug cleaner creates a foam that loosens all the stubborn sun-dried bugs, which can then be gently wiped away.

The foam rehydrates the bugs and is gentle on the paint. This cleaner and bug remover can also be used as a pre-wash for car exteriors. Suitable for tough stains, dried bug corpses, and tar, this all-in-one cleaner has rightfully earned a spot on our best bug removers for cars guide.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty, all-in-one bug remover, cleaner, and degreaser
  • Professional strength clear-coat safe technology
  • Specialized Xtreme Cling foam chemistry
  • It can be used as a pre-wash as well as in between washes.
  • Suitable for all exterior surfaces of the car


  • Easy to apply and rinse
  • The foam is efficient and removes most of the bugs in just one application.
  • Hardened bug corpses can be removed just with a little scrubbing.
  • It has a good non-chemical smell.


  • It stays in place on flat surfaces and creates foam but runs off when applied to tilted or vertical surfaces like the windows of the car.
  • It is not very effective for removing tar.
  • It is pricier than other similar products in the market.


13. Rain-X Bug and Tar Defense Pre-Wash Gel

This pre-wash gel from Rain-X is tough on stains as it gets rid of them quickly and efficiently. It is suitable for cleaning your car after a long journey. It is safe on all surfaces, including metal, plastic, paint, and glass.

You don’t require any scrubbing — just spray on the surface, let the formula soak in, and then wipe off the liquid along with all the contaminants. The strong gel sticks to the car’s surface and efficiently dissolves all the bug splats, tar, and bird droppings.

This car gel visibly fights to remove all stains on the surface of your vehicle. If you live in an area plagued with love bugs, Rain-X Bug and Tar Defense Pre-Wash Gel will help you get rid of those pesky little creatures.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use pre-wash gel
  • Ideal for cleaning your car after long journeys
  • Safe for use on all surfaces
  • Safe on clear-coat
  • Requires next to nil scrubbing


  • Great for cleaning live bugs off the car
  • It doesn’t harm the clear-coat of the car.
  • Loosens and dissolves the bug splats easily
  • It also helps to get rid of little spots marks on the surface.


  • It requires a bit of elbow grease to remove all the bug corpses completely.
  • It is a little too watery and can flow off the edges of the surface.
  • It requires a lot of solution to be sprayed to get the desired results.


14. Wizards – Bug Release 

It takes just a few minutes for Wizards – Bug Release to get rid of unwanted residue and bug splats. It contains no harsh or harmful chemicals and is safe for use even around children and pets.

It does not spoil or attack the paint, chrome, or glass and removes only the unwanted contaminants from the surface of the car. It can also be used as a spot cleaner — just pre-soak for a minute and wipe to see astonishing results.

This cleaner is environment-friendly as it is made from natural ingredients and contains no acids or toxic chemicals. It is also biodegradable. Bug removal has never been easier; just apply and wipe to remove all the gunk and bugs.

Key Features

  • Easy bug removal
  • Safe for all vehicle surfaces
  • Use as a car pre-soak or as a spot cleaner.
  • Non-toxic with no harmful chemicals
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Removes stains as well
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Protects and shields the car from further damage


  • It doesn’t damage the paint or chrome.
  • Removes stubborn sun-dried bug corpses easily
  • Easy to apply and wipe
  • The strong formula gets rid of tar as well.


  • It is a bit pricey as compared to other products in the market.
  • It is a bit too runny and flows off the edges.


15. Motorcraft Bug and Tar Remover

This multiple deposit remover from Motorcraft works as a charm on all contaminants, including bug splats. It helps you to get rid of tar, bird droppings, tree sap, and road grime, all the things that can spoil the finish of your paint.

The Genuine Ford Fluids bug and tar remover get rid of sizable marks and stains from the surface of the car. It is suitable for all surfaces, including paint, plastic, windows, and chrome grills of the car.

The concentrated liquid is strong and removes all bug corpses within a few minutes. If you buff the spot where you applied this liquid, it becomes smooth and shiny. If you want to eliminate those pesky insects on your car, get this bug cleaner now.

Key Features

  • Multiple deposit remover
  • Safe for use on all luxury vehicles
  • Eliminates insects without excessive scrubbing
  • Protects the vehicle paint and clear-coat
  • Ideal for bug removal, cleaning, and degreasing


  • It works well on tar, grime, asphalt, and bugs.
  • Removes stains and scuff marks
  • It doesn’t require excessive scrubbing.
  • Easy to apply and wipe
  • Protects the finish of the car


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It has a gasoline-like odor, which is very unpleasant.


Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Bug Remover For Cars

There are a few things that you need to consider before purchasing the best bug remover for cars. The pesky little creatures that haunt your driving experience have to be eliminated for good.

Here are a few considerations you need to keep in mind before investing in the best bug remover for cars:

1. Concentration

It is believed that the stronger the concentration, the more effective the results are. Some cleaners are supposed to be diluted before use. Make sure that you figure out the type of bugs and contaminants you are looking to clear away and then buy a bug remover of the desired concentration.

2. Surface

Some bug cleaners are suitable for all surfaces, while others work well only on one particular surface. There are a few cleaners that are compatible and safe to use on both interiors and exteriors. Identify the kind of surface you are looking to clean before buying the best bug remover for cars.

3. Season

Bug cleaners can be used throughout all seasons if they come with the double-acting formula. These cleaners are capable of getting rid of ice in winters as well as bugs throughout the year. Choose what suits you best.

4. Application

Most bug removers come in spray bottles for easy application and convenient usage. However, a few come in standard bottles and can be poured for use and then wiped off. Pick one which you find comfortable to use.

5. Time

A few bug cleaners take time before they are ready to be wiped off the surface. This is because they need time to soften and loosen the bug splats. Others have quick action and can be wiped off in just a few minutes.

Best Bug Removers For Cars – Conclusion

The next time bugs cover your car surface, be ready with the best bug remover for cars in your bag. Get rid of these pesky little creatures that spoil the looks of your car. So, when the bugs come back on your car grill, don’t stress and have the best weapons handy.

What are you waiting for? Go get your car keys, hit the accelerator, and rush to buy the best bug remover for cars now.

Happy Driving!

Frequently Asked Questions on Bug Removers

  1. Will A Bug Remover Damage The Paint On My Car?

    Specialized bug removers are formulated so that they don’t harm the surface they are used on. Even if you have to do a little scrubbing, a good bug remover would never damage the clear-coat, shine, and paint of your vehicle.

  2. Does A Dryer Sheet Remove Bugs?

    A dryer sheet can be moistened and put on the surface of the car to get rid of the bugs that get stuck while driving. The chemicals in the dryer sheets destroy the bug corpses on the surface of your car without damaging the paint, finish, and clear-coat. These sheets are very effective especially on love bugs.

  3. Will Vinegar Remove The Dead Bug Corpses From My Car Surface?

    A vinegar solution can be used to remove bug splats from the windshield and windows of your car. Vinegar is a mildly acidic liquid that cleans glass surfaces of all kinds by removing the dirt and debris. It does not leave any streak marks as well. However, it is suggested that you buy a proper bug remover for the long run as vinegar is not suitable for other surfaces of the car like the paint, chrome, and plastic.

  4. Does WD 40 Remove Bugs From The Car?

    WD 40 is a great solution for getting rid of bugs, tree sap, and bird droppings. Just like regular bug removers, WD 40 doesn’t damage the clear-coat, paint, finish, and shine of your vehicle. Always remember to rinse it off the surface of your car.

  5. How Do I Protect My Car From Bugs And Other Insects?

    You can use a bug barrier, which acts as a temporary protective coating on your vehicle. All you have to do is spray it on the surface of your car and let it do its job. The bugs don’t stick on the area where the barrier is applied. However, don’t forget to rinse your car the next time you take it out for a drive, and then reapply.

  6. Do Bugs Damage The Car Paint?

    Bugs have chemicals inside their guts that can cause serious damage to the surface of your car, especially the paint and clear-coat. The acid in their guts etches into the paint. It is, thus, important to clear off any bug splatters as soon as possible.

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