Best Car Drying Towel for a Perfect Shine

Maintaining your car and car care cleaning can be an arduous task. It takes a lot of your time and money. Nonetheless, you can always clean your car at home with the right equipment. However, the quest for the best car drying towel is not easy.

Hence, we’ve simplified this process for you. All you need to do is go through and find out the perfect product to give you the utmost precision while cleaning cars! Below is a list of the best car drying towel in town, read on and get to know what to choose. Let’s get started already!

Top 5 Best Car Drying Towels 2021

1. Solid 12 Pack Plush Microfiber Towel

This is one of the best car drying towels available in the market. It is a multipurpose towel and can be used for household activities, auto washing, car drying, detailing, etc. Measuring 23.6x 15.7x 0.08 inches, this car drying towel does a great job. It also weighs about 2.84 pounds. Interestingly, it boasts a lot of features. Let’s move right into it.


  • Ultimate Cleaning Tool

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate cleaning towel, here it is! It assures a lint-free and streak-free cleaning and polishing. It boasts an abrasive design that wouldn’t scratch surfaces, paints, stainless steel, or even clear coats. Solid offers you an amazing product with game-changing cleaning powers. No matter where you use them, be it indoors or outdoors, this cleaning towel can tackle the toughest of grease, dirt, dust, and spills!

  • Absorption Power

It is made with an ultra-absorbent 80/20 microfiber fabric blend. This is 5x thicker, 400 GSM, than its leading competitor. Also, this towel has the ability to absorb 10x its weight in liquid. It can pick up water and spills in a single, quick swipe! Cool, isn’t it?

  • Dual-sided

This multipurpose cleaning towel contains about 360,000 highly refined, hooked microfiber strands per square inch. Plus, the Solid drying towels have two different lengths on each side. The first side with the long looped fibers is designed to pick up dirt and other debris without much hassle. On the other hand, the second side is shorter and tighter than the first side. This side of the towel is excellent for polishing and buffing to get a pristine and streak-free finish in the end!

  • Superior Reusability

You don’t have to worry about the towel getting shrunk. You are free to wash and reuse this drying towel a hundred times without the fear of falling apart or loss of cleaning power. Solid provides you an inevitable chance to save money on numerous paper towels. Moreover, you need not stack up ineffective cotton clothes for cleaning purposes. This best car drying towel sure does replace all of its substitutes in a great way!

  • 100% Guarantee

Solid assures a solid promise on the quality and performance of this drying towel. You won’t be disappointed. This orange microfiber cleaning cloth set will make your life simpler. Keep your car, home, and surroundings streak-free and spotless with this outperforming drying towel.

In short, the Solid drying towel is a deal you should never miss out on. By offering a variety of its ideal features, this cleaning towel is a must-have in your home. So hurry up and own this cleaning towel set without any delay!


2. Rainleaf Microfiber Bath Towel Quick Dry Bath Swimming Towel

Rainleaf is an American company committee towards providing the highest quality products. It offers a wide range of outdoor sports products that are multifunctional. Their products are made using premium-quality materials by making effective use of technology.

They also manufacture their products by blending the most fashionable designs. Rainleaf strives to be a professional brand that addresses all the outdoor sports needs of its users. Let’s have a quick look at its distinct features.


  • These elegant-looking towels are made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. All the materials utilized are of superior-quality and thus make the product super-absorbent and quick-drying. Rainleaf’s drying towels have the ability to absorb water and all other liquids in little or no time. By using this towel, you can even dry your hair instantly. It is capable of drying 3 times faster than any normal cotton towels! Furthermore, it can also be used as a travel, swim, or gym towel.
  • This towel is all about convenience! You will be provided a sleek and well-designed, reusable free zip carry bag along with the towel. This allows you to take very little room to store the microfiber travel towel. So, say hi to your perfect travel companion! Also, you can clean your cars in a single swipe. Plus, you can take this along with you while traveling or camping.
  • Like we said earlier, this towel is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It undergoes an advanced softening process to make the product thinner than silk. The towel becomes gentle-to-use on the face, hair, and skin. No rashes would be formed and the texture of the towel won’t damage your skin in particular. Additionally, it can be used as a hair, face, swim, gym, pool towel.
  • It is available in three different sizes, and all of them are best suited for all your needs. The 12 x 40 inches towel is apt to use as a face, gym, or travel towel. In contrast, the 24 x 28 inches towel can also be used for the same purposes. Furthermore, the 30 x 50 and 34 x 60 inches towels are designed to be used as a light blanket, yoga towel, swimming, bath, or pool towel. Moreover, it can also be used as a chair cover.
  • It is suggested to wash your towel before every use. Ensure to not wash your towels using sharp objects.

In a nutshell, money spent on this product will never go wasted. You can use it for both cleaning purposes and also as a bath, gym, or pool towel. If used with great care, it is sure to last for many more years to come. So what are you waiting for?


3. Three21 Microfiber Beach Towel

If you’re looking for the best drying towel for cars, you’ve stumbled upon one right now! No matter if you’re planning to travel solo, working out at the gym, hitting the beach, or enjoying the wave splashes, this microfiber body towel should be present in your arsenal towel set.

What’s more attractive is, it has two elastic loops. One can be used to hang and the one to hold the towel rolled up. Also, for easy portability, you’ll be provided a carrying bag as well. Welcome to the world of hassle-free carrying. Now, let’s get to know more about its features.


  • Quick-dry Beach Towel

Once you get your hands on these towels, you’ll no longer have to track time. Forget about wet towels taking forever to dry, this drying towel solves everything. It boasts a superior-quality microfiber with an ultra-absorbent nature. Moreover, this bath towel wicks moisture effectively. It acts quickly to absorb wetness and takes less or no time to dry out.

  • Multipurpose

Don’t get fooled by its size. This single towel is capable of serving several purposes. Are you heading on a beach getaway? Or how about a workout session at the gym? Regardless of the use, this towel will be your perfect companion! From yoga, outdoor boating, summer vacations, water sports, traveling, hiking, and much more, this drying towel will ace its job.

  • Sand-Free Beach Blanket

Tired of spotting sand everywhere after a trip to the beach? Worry not, this sand-free microfiber body towel will come to your rescue. This oversized beach towel is designed in such a way as to repel sand particles. This makes it easier for you to shake all the dust and sand off. Throw it in your car, bag, or handbag without having to think about them getting dirty.

  • Soft & Smooth

Owing to its high-quality weave and microfiber fabric, this body towel feels like silk against your skin. It truly feels so soft, like suede. With just 200 GSM, this is a lightweight body towel that will feel great on your delicate skin. This is the ideal towel for women, men, kids, and even pets.

  • Best Travel Buddy

No one would ever want to carry a bulky and cumbersome towel while traveling, do they? This towel has been made with these thoughts in mind. It comes as an extremely lightweight towel that is easy and convenient to carry around. Even though it measures 35.5 x 71″ inches, it is easily foldable and hence, saves space for other essentials.

To sum it up, this amazing drying bath towel sure does top the leaderboard with its performance and unique features. This multifunctional towel is easily portable. So you can now carry it around anywhere without hassle. This can be the best car drying towel you’ve ever come across. You’ll get to know once you use it, hence, spare no time and buy one already!


4. Chars Multipurpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

This is a multifunctional car towel that can be used for many other purposes apart from cleaning cars. This reusable microfiber cleaning cloth is apt for washing, waxing, dusting, polishing, and even drying your vehicles. You don’t have to worry about your car getting scratched, this product is way more than your expectations! Curious to know more about its features? Let’s get into it already.


  • Super Water Absorption

This towel is made of high-quality 600 gsm microfiber. Hence, it is super thick, super absorbent, and long-lasting. These car drying towels are double-faced plush and capable of absorbing twice as much water than normal towels. This incredibly reduces the drying time.

  • Convenience

Save money on this outstanding deal. Once you start using this towel, you’ll see no more lints, stripes, scratches, spots, or vortex. Trust us, you’ll never be disappointed. You can save extra time by using this practical method of quick-cleaning cars.

Moreover, you no longer have to go to the car wash. All the top-quality materials used and its reinforced edges make this towel a highly-durable one. This towel is also sturdy enough and can make your life a lot easier.

  • Multi-use

These microfiber towels can be utilized for a number of purposes. It can be used as car wash towels and window glass cleaning towels. Plus, they can also be used for drying the car, automatic polishing, waxing, and finishing towels. They can be used as cleaning towels both inside and outside the car.

  • Utility Size

This premium microfiber towel is sized 16″ x 16″ inches. It has an absorption capacity of taking in water up to 10 times. Along with this, it is also quick and easy to use. Additionally, the edges of this car drying towel do not scratch the surface.

  • 100% Satisfaction

Customers are given topmost priority. Therefore, this company pays special attention to the customer experience, quality of the product, longevity, price, etc. They always strive towards providing their customers with the best experience.

100% satisfaction is a guarantee. If at all, you’re not happy with their products, you can always ask for a full refund. They’ll have a team of experts to reach out to you anytime you need them.

Briefly, this is one of the best microfiber car drying towels on the market. Boasting an ultra-utility size, this multipurpose towel will be worth every penny. Once you get your hands on these good-quality products, you’ll never turn back. They also assure you 100% satisfaction, so keep your shopping carts ready!


5. Mastertop 24 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Mastertop offers premium range towels for all your cleaning purposes. This professional-grade premium silk banded microfiber towel is the ideal product for every job. You can even use it for wax and sealant removal, and even polishing jobs. One of its attractive features is its silk banding.

The towel is silk banded for lasting long, safe, and scratch-free. Without question, this towel is extra plush, remarkably soft, and exceptionally absorbent. Once the cleaning is done, you’ll find neither any lints nor any scratches. Microfiber makes the cleaning process fast and easy as it contains 90,000 fibers per square inch.

Now let’s take a look at its interesting features.


  • Available in 4 colors and 24 pieces, this certainly a perfect gift for Christmas! The package includes 6 blue, 6 light blue, 6 yellow, and 6 orange towels. It measures about 16 x 12 inches. It looks attractive and anyone would love to receive these as gifts!
  • It has the ability to collect dust and dirt from any surface. It leaves no traces, therefore, the cleaned places remain lint-free, streak-free, non-abrasive, and extremely spotless. This towel works great with plain water. Thus, you do not have to make use of any chemicals or paper towels.
  • The color of the towels can distinguish their purposes as well. The green cloth can be used to wash the dishes, the yellow towel for washing cars, the blue towel for cleaning furniture, and the orange towel can be finally used for cleaning sinks.
  • This towel set showcases an enhanced and strong design. It is stitched with sturdy overlock hems so as to prevent unraveling.
  • The Mastertop microfiber cleaning cloth features a 30-day return back. Also, it includes a 1-year replacement. If you search for customer support online, you’ll get connected to a 24- hour customer service help. You’ll be given a satisfactory solution in case you encounter any problems.

In short, this is an inevitable purchase. You can enjoy using this towel as it serves several purposes. You can make them their own without burning a hole in your pocket. This towel is sure to meet all your expectations. Thank us later!


Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Car Drying Towel

1. Size

A larger surface area is always best while choosing towels. Why? Because it gives you more towel space to utilize when soaking up water. This paves way for more efficient drying. It also gives you the flexibility to fold the towel without taking up extra room. No matter how long a towel is, it’ll be easily foldable. Also, a longer towel means you can keep revealing fresh sections of the towel especially while cleaning.

2. GSM

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. This is the perfect way to measure the density of a towel. Low GSM towels mean they’re much lighter and thinner when compared to the others. On the contrary, high GSM towels are denser, exceptionally absorbent, and usually work safer on the paint. The best drying towels will always have a higher GSM.

3. Pile

This is often confused with GSM. A high pile towel has longer and looser fibers. On the contrary, a low pile towel has shorter and tighter towels. It is always suggested that you go for high pile towels. This is because they tend to be safer on paintwork. Further, they also work great at lifting contamination away from the paint. Hence, every time you want to buy the best drying towel for cars, buy one with a high pile.

4. Softness

This is yet another important factor to consider while buying the best microfiber car drying towel. The softness of a towel directly relates to its quality. Fabric softness is always a result of the overall quality of the towel. Keep in mind, there’s no advantage to have a large towel with a high GSM if the fibers are not soft.

Different Drying Methods To Avoid

1. Chamois

Back then, chamois leathers were the only go-to solution for drying cars. People had to pay a good amount of money to purchase this leather. However, they are different from microfiber towels. Chamois are not specifically designed to absorb water. This gives the chamois leather a tendency to push water off rather than absorbing.

Also, when it comes to safety, chamois leather is not the right choice for drying your car. Moreover, the absence of a pile on a chamois leather will leave the dirt there rather than absorbing them.

2. Water Blades

If you didn’t know, water blades are basically a rubber squeegee. They are used by dry cars. The rubber blade is usually made from a highly-flexible silicon compound. This helps to push the water off the surface or car. All you need to do is, run the blade across the paint surface and the windows. This can be a quick and effective solution. Nonetheless, it is sure to inflict some scratches on the paint.

3. Bath Towels

Even though bath towels resemble car drying towels in a great way. So, you may end up buying a bath towel to dry your cars. Using a bath towel works unless or until it’s a luxury bath towel. It is because it’ll be plush enough to soak up a generous amount of water.

However, an average bath towel won’t do the job. It’ll only ruin your car’s surface. Additionally, most of the bath towels sport stitched patterns and harsh endings. Both of these are your car’s enemies. They have a high potential to inflict a lot of irremovable scratches on your paintwork. So always be careful as to what you choose and buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best thing to dry your car with?

    If you asked me this 10 years ago I’d say leather based chamois are the bee’s knee’s. I’m so old, they were really the only option over household towels.

    But luckily I’m up to date with new technology. After taking a while to convert, I’m fully on-board with microfiber towels. It’s the best. It has great water holding capability, can be streak free (if you get the right ones), they’re inexpensive, and easy to wash.

  2. Can you dry a car with a normal towel?

    Sure, I’ve done that plenty of times, like when I was 16 years old and didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together. OK, that’s a really old statement I used there, I’m not that old! But it just seemed to fit this topic.

    If you have nothing else to use, a normal towel is fine, but use at your own peril. Just make sure the tag is cut off so it won’t scratch the car paint. And expect to use several towels, they may get dirty from area’s on the lower body of your car or the ground, so you may get yelled at by you know who.

    Also, most towels will leave lint behind. So if you have a dark car, pick dark towels, and vice versa.

  3. Is it safe to dry your car with a leaf blower?

    We do it on some of our vehicles. It’s super convenient, but just be sure that it won’t blow old debris, leaves, or other stuff on to your car. That can definitely damage the paint.

  4. How do you wash your microfiber towels?

    We suggest machine washing the microfiber cloths in cold or warm water, never use hot water. It’s fine to use detergent but don’t use bleach. We also suggest washing them separately from anything else. They always have traces of wax, polish, or some other stuff on them so best to keep them away from your regular laundry. Tumble dry low and you’re done!

Time To Keep Your Cars Scratch-Free!

Cars are an obsession for many. We all love to see our cars shining flawlessly and spotlessly clean, right? However, the very thought of the cleaning process makes us heave a sigh! Nevertheless, the right products can sometimes prove to be a game-changer.

Here’s the good news, you can avoid navigating from web pages to web pages. We’ve got you covered. The above list of the best car drying towels will give you a fair idea of the most suitable product for you. They are sure to do a great job not just for cars but also as gym, travel, pool, beach towels, etc.

The premium-quality materials used, make them highly-durable, absorbent, and quick-drying. Also, they won’t leave any lint particles, scratches, or scrapes. A single swipe will quickly clean all the dust and dirt on the surface.

All in all, the best car drying towel can help you keep your cars well in shape. Moreover, they’re available for good value for money. So what are you waiting for?

Happy cleaning!

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