Best Foam Gun for Car Wash

Looking for faster and effective ways to keep your car sparkly clean? Get yourself a foam gun right away! These impressive products are crafted to make your life easier – so whether your car is plagued with dirt, mud or even bird poop, you can clean it instantly without putting in a lot of time and effort!

Now that you love your car so much, you will definitely want to pick the best for it – whether its accessories, products or cleaning equipment! Before you head to google to find the best car wash foam gun, hold on! Because we have carefully curated and compiled a list of the best foam gun car wash for car care cleaning. Read to find out more about these top products from reputed brands.

1. TriNova Soap Kit 2. Chemical HOL313 3. NovoSun
TriNova Foam Cannon Best Foam Guns Car Wash Chemical Guys HOL313 Superior Surface Cleanser NovoSun Car Wash Foam Gun

Top 10 Best Foam Guns Car Wash 2021

1. TriNova Foam Cannon Car Wash Soap Kit

Known for its ease of usage, this product from the TriNova Store has a simple design, impressive performance and effective results. All you need to do is fill up the reservoir bottle with soap, click into your existing pressure washer trigger, adjust the knob for the desired foam level and spray – it’s as easy as that!

The product’s quality is exceptional, and it features a wide neck that will not crack even over long-term usage. Cracked necks are a common issue when it comes to foam guns, but not with TriNova products. The brand is synonymous with quality and high performance and this product from the brand proves it.

For faster results, you can soak your car in suds for sometime before you begin washing it. This allows the suds to work on the stubborn dirt and stains, removing them instantly when you start washing the car. If you’re not happy with the results, all you need to do is drop an email to TriNova. The team is very proactive and will respond to your queries instantly.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy body
  • 100% satisfaction warranty


  • Leaky neck
  • You may end up with a defective piece


2. Chemical Guys HOL313 Superior Surface Cleanser

This foam gun comes with a suds shampoo bottle in the kit – add the shampoo to the foam gun, add some water and the foam gun will do its magic! The foam gun mixes the soap, water and air to create a thick foam, using which you can easily clean your car. The funky design of the gun and the pink shampoo add the fun element, making car cleaning a lot more enjoyable!

It also gives you the option to adjust the foam thickness and comes with three interchangeable water pressure tips. It also features an in-line filter mesh screen. This screen effectively captures any extra abrasive particles flowing through water pipes that could damage your car.

The product is made of quality plastic, which is crack-resistant. The durable material also doesn’t fade due to prolonged exposure to the sunlight. All the features this product offers make it one of the best foam gun car wash you can find in the market.


  • Fade-resistant material
  • Crack-resistant design
  • Equipped with sud shampoo


  • Foam generated is not thick enough


3. NovoSun Car Wash Foam Gun

Compatible with most hoses, this foam gun comes with a quick connector, which allows you to connect it to a hose quickly. It is also compatible with any American Standard hose, as the quick connector can be adjusted as required to ensure the hose fits well. The foam gun offers a two-in-one function allowing you to use it to spray foam as well as water.

The foam generated by this foam gun helps get rid of all the dust and grime from the surface of your car. The entire process is gentle and non-abrasive, thus protecting your car from scratches. The foaming stick is adjustable in a parallel or vertical direction, giving you the flexibility to change it as required. The 900ml foam bottle is just enough for one car cleaning session.

The foam gun also features an adjustable handgrip, allowing you to change water pressure as required. For a hands-free wash, you also have a metal clip on the handgrip, using which you can fix the water pressure without having to use your hands. In terms of compatibility, this is one of the best car wash foam gun you can find out there.


  • Two-in-one function
  • Compatible with all hoses
  • Hands-free option


  • Issues with foam generation
  • The instruction manual is difficult to comprehend


4. Chemical Guys ACC_326 – Torq Foam Blaster

Make car cleaning a fun task with this foam gun from the Chemical Guys Store. Thanks to all its features, this product is just what you want to make your car cleaning a fun family activity. The installation and usage of this foam gun are super easy and will not require any additional tools to set it up.

This foam gun generates a gentle, non-abrasive foam, instantly turning a car wash into a bubble bath for your car. The foam also removes rough dirt particles gently, without grinding them into the paintwork of your car. It protects the paint of your car from scratches and streaks.

Depending on how dirty your car is, you can also adjust the foam concentration by turning the dial to adjust the dilution ratio. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in car cleaning, adding this product to your cleaning kit will be one of the best decisions you would make!


  • Easy to install and use
  • Generates non-abrasive foam
  • Adjustable foam concentration


  • You may end up with a defective piece


5. NovoSun Foam Gun Car Wash Foam Sprayer

Coming from the reputed brand Novosun, this foam gun pretty much checks off all the right boxes! Compatible with all hoses, this product is easy to install and use; plus, it delivers sparkly clean results instantly too. The foam gun comes with a huge bottle, which generates enough foam to last for a single car-wash session.

The foam generated by the foam gun is gentle and completely non-abrasive – it’s super soft, just like a bubble bath for your car! The foam gun features an adjustable foaming stick, the direction of which can be altered vertically or horizontally as required. It also has a foam blaster, which generates enough foam without the requirement of extra detergent. The foam blaster has a gear-adjustment dial, allowing you to adjust the foam output.

The instant foam generation of this foam gun is an added advantage – you barely need any time to clean your car. The foam soaks up all the dirt really well, and all you have to do is hose down the foam and wipe your car with a clean cloth!


  • Instant foam generation
  • Adjustable foam stick
  • Gentle, non-abrasive foam


  • Doesn’t offer varying spray strength


6. Adam’s Standard Foam Gun

If you’re looking for cost-effective car cleaning equipment, your search ends right here! This compact yet impressive foam gun is just what you want. It generates a lot of foam, which is just what you need to give your car a quick wash.

This foam gun has a unique design, which makes it stand out from the rest of its counterparts easily. The simple layout of this foam gun makes it super easy to connect the gun’s nozzle to the hose. It has a 32-ounce canister and the foam generated in it is very rich in texture. With the gentle foam, you need not worry about any kind of streaks or abrasions on your car.

It also features a wide fan sprayer for maximum coverage. The wide range will cut down your wash time significantly. Depending on how dirty your car is, you have three sprayer modes to choose from.


  • Equipped with a fan-sprayer
  • Cost-effective
  • Rich, gentle foam


  • No instruction manual
  • You may end up with a defective piece


7. Twinkle Star Car Wash Foam Gun

This foam gun comes with a quick connector, allowing you to instantly connect the gun to the hose. Compatible with all types of hoses, you can use this foam gun for cleaning not only cars, but also motorcycles, driveways and even roofs.

The foam fun features an adjustable foam cannon with a 0 to 5 adjustment dial on it. This combines running water and soapy water to generate a dense yet gentle foam. To adjust the foam’s consistency, you can turn the dial to alter the dilution ratio as per your requirement.

The foam is soft and removes abrasive dirt particles slowly – this reduces the risk of leaving behind swirls and scratch marks on painted surfaces. With this feature, you no longer need to worry about damaging your car or any other painted surface.


  • Compatible with all hoses
  • Equipped with an adjustable foam cannon
  • Soft and dense foam


  • Water may leak off the nozzle


8. SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer

If you are a stickler for cleaning every corner of your car, this is the perfect product for you. This foam gun comes with a microfiber wash mitt. This mitt allows you to clean your car without harming the surface of your car in any way. This car cleaning kit from SwiftJet turns car cleaning into a fun activity while maintaining the paintwork and chrome bling intact.

This easy-to-use pressure gun has a simple layout and can be used by kids too. You don’t need any extra equipment to install or use this foam gun. Simply attach, spray and you’re good to go! It features a six-level foam ratio adjuster, using which you can either increase or decrease the concentration of the foam generated.

You can connect this foam gun to any hose and it will generate a just-as-effective foam. The design, structure and features of this foam gun make it a great choice, especially if you want to make car cleaning an enjoyable family activity. In terms of ease of usage and installation, this is definitely one of the best car wash foam gun out there.


  • Compatible with all hoses
  • Easy to use
  • No extra tools or equipment required to install


  • Small in size
  • Too finely printed instructions


9. Trkimal Car Washing Foam Gun Soap

This foam gun comes with a brass standard hose connector, making it compatible with all standard garden hoses. It also has an adjustable foam cannon, using which you can adjust the concentration of the foam as required. So if your car isn’t super dirty, you can save up on a lot of water and soap too!

The product features a metal mesh filter on the gun head to filter out any abrasive particles from the water. This ensures only soft, gentle and non-abrasive foam reaches the surface of your car. This foam will never leave and scratch or streak marks on your car. It also works magically on rough dirt particles and cleanses them without damaging your car.

The high-quality connector ensures a secure connection between the hose and the foam gun, leaving no scope for leakages. It also has a rubber-sealed loop to further strengthen the leak-proof nature of this product. You can easily use this product to not only clean your car but also floors, windows, bikes, driveways, roofs and any other painted surfaces.


  • Leak-proof
  • Non-abrasive foam
  • Compatible with all hoses


  • You may end up with a defective piece


10. Houkiper Car Wash Foam Gun

This unique car cleaning foam gun has a large capacity of 900ml and works with all standard hoses. It gently removes abrasive dirt particles from your car, leaving it a scratch-free, sparkly clean surface. The gentle foam of this foam gun makes a great cleaning choice for bikes, windows, roofs, windows, sideways and any other painted surfaces too.

It has an adjustable foam cannon, which allows you to alter the foam concentration to what you require. If your car isn’t as dirty, simply put in lesser water and even lesser soap – the foam will be just as effective and you will still have a polished, shiny car after the cleaning session!

It features a brass connector, which ensures a tight, leak-free connection to the hose. The ideal equipment for cleaning sessions, you need to consider investing in this foam gun right away!


  • Easy to use
  • Leak-proof connection
  • Large capacity


  • You may end up with a defective piece


Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Foam Guns Car Wash

There are tonnes of foam guns out there- different brands and price ranges. It may be a bit confusing for you to find the best one. We’ve listed out a couple of factors you need to look for in the perfect foam gun. Once the foam gun checks off all these boxes, you can go ahead and invest in it right away, without any hesitation!

Read ahead to find out more about these factors.

1. Adjustability

Your car isn’t always going to be dirty to the extent that you need a dense, thick foam to clean it. In such situations, you need a diluted foam that will clean your car just as well, without wasting a lot of water or soap.

This is why you need to opt for a foam gun that has an adjustable foam cannon. These adjustable cannons allow you to alter the foam density and use just as much soap and water you need, without any wastage.

2. Compatibility

In a cleaning session, a foam gun has to be attached to a garden hose. Most foam guns are compatible with standard garden hoses, but many brands come up with foam hoses that are not compatible with standard hoses.

You need to be careful about which foam gun you pick. Because once you invest in a foam gun, if it does not fit well with your pipe, you will have to change the hose altogether or return the foam gun! That’s why it is advisable to purchase a foam gun that is compatible with all types of hoses.

3. Ease Of Installation And Usage

For a quick car washing session, you need to have all the cleaning equipment right in place. Now that a foam gun is an essential cleaning equipment, you need to have one that is easy to install and use!

Keeping this fact in mind, many brands have come up with foam guns that are super easy to install. These guns have a simple, easily understandable layout – so simplified that even your kids can use them! If you intend to make car cleaning a fun family activity, do make sure you invest in a foam gun that can be used effortlessly.

4. In-Built Filters

Check if your foam guns come equipped with filters. Water from the hose may contain particles that may leave scratches on your car. With a foam gun that has a filter, you simply minimize the chances of possible damages. The filters work like magic, holding back these abrasive particles and ensuring the foam generated is soft and gentle.

With this, you need not worry about any kind of stains, scratches or stains on your car. The filter also makes sure all the detergent you add into the foam gun dissolves well, without leaving any grainy residue behind. For a spotlessly clean car, simply invest in a foam gun that comes with an in-built filter!

5. Adjustable Pressure

Just like foam guns come with adjustable foam density, they also have a feature using which you can adjust the gun’s pressure. While most foam guns are low-pressure models, if you really want to give your car a thorough wash, you can always opt for a high-pressure foam gun.

Do keep in mind that high-pressure foam guns can leave your arm exhausted over prolonged usage. If you want, you can also search for a hands-free foam gun model, to reduce the stress on your arm and make cleaning more fun!

6. Leak-Free

Those who use foam cleaners often have one common complaint – leaky foam guns! This happens when the foam gun doesn’t fit the hose well, leading to water and foam leakages. To avoid having a messy cleaning session, make sure you invest in a leak-proof foam gun. These models come with rubber-sealed loops, which tighten the foam gun’s grip on the hose, leaving no scope for leakages in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use any car wash soap in a foam cannon?

    Yes, car wash soap is great in a foam cannon. Definitely don’t use household dish detergent as it’ll strip away any wax and possibly protectant you have on your paint. We recommend getting one of the better brands (don’t cheap out with a foam cannon) to get the most effective use out of the foam cannon.

  2. Do you need a pressure washer for a foam cannon?

    You don’t, but you’ll wish you did! Some foam cannon’s can work great with just a garden hose, but the foaming action will be considerably less.

  3. What psi is safe for washing cars?

    This gets to be a tricky question to answer. You see, you could have a lower pressure psi but have a focused pin point type of nozzle and that can do damage to a car. So in general, we really encourage sticking with manufacturer recommendations on psi and nozzle type. That’s the only truly “safe” psi to use when washing your car.

Best Foam Guns Car Wash – Conclusion

We’ve listed out not only the best foam gun car wash you can find in the market but have also given you a detailed description of the factors you need to look for in a perfect foam gun. These products are tried and tested and offer impressive features, design and performance too.

We hope this guide has been helpful for you to zero in the perfect foam gun. Foam guns can not only result in sparkly clean cars, but also make car cleaning a fun, enjoyable activity – do invest in one!

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