Best Tire Cleaner for Car Detailing

When car tires accumulate dirt over several months, it causes a decrement in the car’s performance. Moreover, having grime, dust, plastic, loose stone, etc., stuck on the tires gives your vehicle a bad look.

With time, the accumulation of these contaminants provides the tire with a worn-out and ugly appearance. In this article, we will tell you about the best tire cleaners so that you can get rid of these contaminants easily.

Traditionally, people used soap and water solutions to clean the tires. While this method is good for tires that are only slightly dirty, the tires with resistant dirt and grime accumulated on their surface cannot be cleaned so easily with these solutions.

Due to all these reasons, you require high-quality car care cleaning products that ensures that all these aspects of a tire’s appearance and performance are managed effectively.

Top 8 Best Tire Cleaners 2021

1. Black Magic 120066

The Black Magic 120066 Bleche-White Tire Cleaner is a tough cleaning agent designed to remove all types of soils that stick to the tires after driving the car for long distances. The fast-acting formula used to make this tire cleaner is best for removing grease, brake dust, grime, road film, etc. You simply need to spray the cleaner over the tires and then wipe it off gently for efficient cleaning action.

Primascrub is a chemical agent that gives fortification to the Black Magic 120066 Bleche-White Tire Cleaner. This synthetic chemical agent allows the tire cleaner to clean vinyl slidings as well. There are many other expensive tire cleaners available in the market today. However, none can remove resistant grime from the tires as efficiently as this cleaner.


2. Chemical Guys CLD_997_16

The Chemical Guys CLD_997_16 Diablo Gel Wheel and Rim is a unique tire cleaner that uses concentrated suspension technology for removing dust particles from tires. The concentrated suspension technology makes it easier for the users to clean their tires because they no longer need to scrub the tires to eliminate these contaminants.

The composition of tire cleaners is important for ensuring the safety of car tires. The pH of this chemical tire cleaner is neutral, and it does not cause any corrosion at all. So, you can safely apply it to the tires and get perfect results.


3. CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner

Another great option to get clear and shining tires is the CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner Gallon. A car cleaner specifically meant for the rim and sidewalls(where grime most commonly accumulates with time) is very rarely available in the market. The cleaning power of this gel is very high because it has concentrated synthetic chemicals.

The cleaner has a balanced pH, and no concentrated acids have been used for preparing it. It is absolutely safe for your tires and rims, and the CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner Gallo is the most environment-friendly option you have.


4. Stoner Car Care 91044

Spray cleaners are easy to apply on the tires, and they are usually cheaper than pastes and gels. The Stoner Car Care 91044 12-Ounce More Shine Original Tire Dressing is a great spray cleaner that gives a shining new-look to the tires instantly. Moreover, the shine obtained with this cleaner lasts for several days altogether.

Like many other high-quality tire cleaners, you only need to spray this cleaner on the tire. You don’t even need to wipe it off with a microfiber towel because the cleaner automatically performs its magic, and after a few minutes, you get a clear tire surface. The cleaner settles instantly over the tires and does not drip or sling at all.


5. Griot’s Garage 11044

The Griot’s Garage 11044 Long Lasting Tire Dressing is another fine product that thoroughly cleans the tires. The cleaner comes in a spray bottle. On pressing the trigger, a sufficient amount of cleaner is ejected, which does not drip or leak at any point. A simple wipe with a clean towel will give the tire a shining appearance.

It is an affordable tire cleaner that is based on a quick-action formula. All chemicals used in making the Griot’s Garage 11044 Long Lasting Tire Dressing are safe for the car paint, tire rubber, rims, etc. Overall, it is a high-quality cleaner with several crucial benefits.


6. Meguiar’S G15415

The Meguiar’S G15415 Endurance Tire Dressing is an aerosol spray that guarantees a long-lasting shine to the tires after minutes of application. It is quite easy to use, and there is no need to wipe it as it removes the dirt automatically after spraying. The high-gloss shine that the tires get after using this cleaner is famous all across the globe.

The cleaner has advanced polymers that are responsible for the glossy look. The cleaner also protects the tires against UV damage. Meguiar’S G15415 Endurance Tire Dressing can also resolve tire blooming problems. In all, it’s a world-class tire cleaner that can give a long-lasting and shiny black dressing to your tires.


7. Mothers 05902

The Mothers 05902 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner can be used on premium tires with expensive rims. Its non-acidic nature protects your car paint from corrosion and creates a foam over the tires to initiate the cleaning action that makes it entirely safe for tires and rims.

The spray has been formulated for quick use. So, if you are always in a hurry and want to clean your tires fast, buy the Mothers 05902 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner today.


8. Sonax (235200-755)

The Sonax (235200-755) Tire Gloss Gel is a unique gel-based tire cleaner that has impressed car owners worldwide. It adds an ultra wet look to your tires that gives them a slick appearance.

While most of the tire cleaners only provide a clean dressing over the tires, the Sonax (235200-755) Tire Gloss Gel is also a conditioner for the materials used in making tires. Artificial fragrance is used in making this mix, and it does not drip after application.


Types Of Tire Cleaners

Tire cleaners are available in several different forms. They can be present as sprays, foams, gels, and sometimes even as pastes. While all these types of tire cleaners have separate benefits, it ultimately depends on your requirements as to which one will be the most effective option. In general, sprays and foams are the easiest to apply on tires, while using the paste form can sometimes be very tedious.

However, the shine that we get with the paste tire cleaners is long-lasting and a little better than the other types of cleaners. If you want the cleaner to be easy-to-apply for cleaning your tires quickly, the spray tire cleaners will be the best option for you.

Spray and foam applicators usually come with a nozzle. Thus, it is easier to put the cleaner directly over the tire at a place where you want maximum cleaning. Moreover, the gel-based tire cleaners require a sponge with which you can put it on the tire.

Factors To Consider

1. Safety

The formulas used in preparing tire cleaners are dependent on synthetic chemicals. In many cases, these chemicals have harmful effects on the rubber used in making tires. Therefore, you should check the cleaner’s chemical composition before buying and applying it to your tires. The pH of the tire cleaner should be neutral.

Any tire cleaner that is acidic or basic can have negative impacts on the tire. If an acidic tire cleaner splashes on the car’s surface by mistake, it can fade the car paint. Therefore, you should be aware of the composition of your tire cleaner.

2. Cleaning Power

Despite putting in a lot of effort in scrubbing, many tire cleaners available today are unable to clean the tires effectively. While some do not have an ideal composition, others require vigorous scrubbing to get the right results.

Therefore, when you are selecting a tire cleaner for your car, see whether it’s cleaning power is good or not. You can get a better idea about this by going through customer reviews on online shopping platforms.

Today, there are advanced tire cleaners that do not require any scrubbing at all. You only need to spray them and put some water over the tires. The cleaner automatically clears the surface.

With some effort from your side, you can even clean the most resistant stains and dirt marks on the tires with such cleaners. So, make a smart choice and buy a powerful cleaner even if it’s a bit expensive.

3. Secondary Accessories

While the modern-day tire cleaners have shown excellent results on several occasions, you will need some other equipment alongside these cleaners to make your tires shine.

For instance, if you can buy a Pressure Washer Can that ejects water at a faster rate with higher intensity, your job will be easier. You can purchase sturdy scrubs to spread the entire cleaner over various parts of a tire. Buying good-quality accessories are crucial for better tire cleaning.

A wheel brush works wonders when complemented with a high-quality tire cleaner. The brush can enter the obscure crevices of a tire where dirt might have accumulated. So, give as much attention to these accessories as you give to a tire cleaner.

Best Tire Cleaners – Conclusion

In this article, we have told you about the best tire cleaners available in the market. Conventional tire cleaners were cheap and readily available. However, most of them were not efficient in cleaning tires with resistant grime and dirt marks on them.

To get a powerful cleaning action, you will require a high-quality tire cleaner. You can choose any of the products mentioned in our review and instantly get that shining clear appearance in your tires.

FAQs on Tire Cleaners

  1. Are Tire Cleaners Bad For Car Tires?

    As per research, the debate about the safety of a car tire cleaner comes down to its composition. Several tire cleaners are solvent-based mixtures that are manufactured to give a wet look to the tire. As you know, a wet look makes the tire shine, giving it a spotless appearance.

    Although it is visually appealing, the petroleum extracts used in making such car tire cleaners have negative impacts. In the long-run, the petroleum extracts cause cracks on the surface of the tire. Therefore, only if your tire cleaner has an adequate balance of all the necessary chemicals is it completely safe to use it for cleaning the tires.

  2. How To Make The Best Homemade Tire Cleaner?

    A mixture of half a cup of cold water, a full cup of baby oil, and three drops of dish soap make an amazing solution for cleaning car tires.

    Traditional car tire cleaning solutions prepared at home were not very effective in cleaning dirty tires. However, this homemade mixture can effectively remove dirt, grime, etc., with vigorous scrubbing.

  3. How Can I Make My Tires Black But Not Shiny?

    Tire cleaners, whether in foam or gel form, help remove dirt from the tire’s surface. However, to improve the tires’ color grading and give them a clear black color, you need to pour some water on the tire and then spray the cleaner over it.

    Usually, cleaners do not require water, and simple scrubbing helps in clearing all the dirt. But, combining the spray cleaners with water helps your tires get that clear black appearance.

  4. How Do You Get Wax Off Of New Tires?

    Many people do not like the blue wax that is present on the sidewalls of the tire. It is usually present in new cars and wears away with time. However, if you want to remove this blue wax layer yourself, you will need a tire cleaner, which also has degreasing properties.

    Simply pour the degreaser on the surface where the blue wax is present. Then start scrubbing with a sturdy tire brush. You can remove the wax in a few minutes.

  5. Why Do My Brand New Tires Look Dirty?

    Antiozonant is a chemical used in making the rubber that is used in tires. To prevent the tire from drying and cracking, antiozonant application is necessary.

    However, the antiozonant turns brown after a few rides due to oxidation. This process is called blooming. To remove the brown sediment present over the tires, ensure that you wash the tires regularly and use a good tire cleaner as well.

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