Best Car Stereos With A Backup Camera 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Accessories make driving more enjoyable and thrilling. One car accessory that almost everyone prefers having is a stereo. This car electronic device provides several benefits besides access to music and radio.


Having a backup camera integrated with the car stereo is beneficial for the drivers in many ways. Therefore, in this article, we shall help you find the best car stereo with a backup camera for your vehicle.

Top 9 Best Car Stereos With A Backup Camera 2021

1. ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PR

ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PR Best Car Stereo With A Backup Camera

The ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PR Double DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo is the second car stereo in the A6 series produced by ATOTO. This car stereo has an exclusive update. It has the latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0, which helps stream excellent quality sound without needing any wired connections. You can easily connect your smartphones to this stereo if it supports the aptX Bluetooth.

This car stereo has powerful preamplifiers exclusively produced by Toshiba. With this preamplifier, you get a higher RMS value, and the overall sound performance is excellent. You can also connect additional speakers to this car stereo. However, the resistance range should be between 8 to 20 Ohms.

Even though it has a restricted supporting range, most of the other preamplifiers present in the car stereos can only support a range of 4 to 8 ohms. Therefore, for a powerful listening experience, this car stereo is the best that you can get.

The car stereo also has an LCD screen with adjustable light. The bright screen helps see the stereo controls easily, even during the daytime. The car stereo also provides options for dual-band Wi-Fi connection support.


2. Kenwood Excelon DNX994S

Kenwood Excelon DNX994S

The Kenwood Excelon DNX994S In-Dash Navigation System is an advanced car stereo with a touchscreen LCD. The screen is 6.95 inches in size and displays the radio options, shared playlist, and GPS. The LCD touch panel is adjustable, and you can customize the top menu and background as per your liking.

The audio and video features of this car stereo are very attractive. You can get a maximum output power of around 50 Watts consistently with this stereo. Moreover, it has three distinct pre-outs, all of which have a 5 Volt input. An additional rear AV input is also provided and is called the mini-jack. Similarly, a dedicated RCA video input portal is also given for the front camera.

There is a specialized mechanism for digital time alignment and space enhancement for achieving the desired sound excellence. You also get additional backup memory for storing the preferred audio and video settings. The car stereo also has a built-in car navigation system. It helps in giving real junction views, and the lane assist features are also very good. Moreover, an SD card slot is also provided to store maps and AV playback software for better navigation usage.


3. Pioneer AVH-1500NEX

Pioneer AVH-1500NEX

Pioneer is a leading enterprise in the field of acoustic equipment. When it comes to car stereos, it was one of the first companies to manufacture a dedicated stereo device for vehicles. Since then, a lot of updates have been inculcated in their technology to produce some of the finest car stereos that we have today. The Pioneer AVH-1500NEX DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo Receiver is one of those car stereos that has been installed in thousands of cars across the globe.

It has the latest built-in Bluetooth technology that has the hands-free talking feature so that you can take calls safely while driving. Moreover, audio streaming is so smooth that you will never need any additional support or connection to enhance sound performance.

The stereo supports almost all the major Android smartphones and works extremely well with the Apple Carplay app as well. Therefore, you can connect any device with the stereo, play your playlist, and easily access your files.

You can also use streaming apps like Pandora and Spotify with this car stereo. The power output is excellent, with a 50-watt output received from all four channels. Overall, the Pioneer AVH-1500NEX DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo Receiver is a high-quality car stereo.


4. Hikity Android Single Din Car Stereo

Hikity Android Single Din Car Stereo

The Hikity Android Single Din Car Stereo is another good option that comes with an attractive 7-Inch touchscreen. The stereo comes with several EQ sound effects that offer a better sound quality, which you can adjust according to your requirements. The stereo also supports steering wheel buttons that can be programmed to turn any feature on or off from the steering itself.

The car stereo can also be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once the connection is available, you can download free maps from the “Here We Go” app, an exclusive platform supported by this stereo. The maps will help you in offline navigation as well.

You can also search for other online navigation facilities and Android apps that you may need through the devices you connect with the stereo. Moreover, the “Here We Go” app is available on all Android and iOS phones.

Like all other car stereos that we have discussed, the Hikity Android Single Din Car Stereo also has a Bluetooth and FM radio feature. The stereo supports hands-free calling and phone book download. The radio has 18 preset channels, and you can search for additional channels manually or use the automatic search option for the same.


5. Jensen CMN86 

Jensen CMN86 

The Jensen CMN86 6.8 inch LED Multimedia Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo is a great car studio with a multimedia touchscreen. It has a 6.8-inch LED display that is supported by a high-resolution touchscreen. You will have a comfortable experience while using the touchscreen, and the resolution helps provide a view that is easier to see and adjust. The touch feature is smooth, and you can easily switch between programs using your fingers while driving.

The car stereo is exclusively integrated with the IGO Primo navigation feature. It is an automotive navigation system that helps give directions and displays simplified maps so that you can easily find the way to your destination. Apart from the exclusive integrations, you also get the Google voice assist button. Similarly, a button for Siri virtual assistant in iOS devices is also given.

Overall, it is a great car stereo that has updated Bluetooth features and supports several music streaming platforms.


6. JVC KW-M740BT


The JVC KW-M740BT Auto 2-DIN AV Receiver is regarded as the best car stereo with a backup camera by many experts and users. This car stereo is compatible with almost all Android phones. Besides, you can use apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto safely with this stereo player. Moreover, once your phone is connected, you can also access your messages and use the navigation apps in the mobile to reach the destination.

The design of the car stereo is such that it switches off without even touching, once the car is turned off. This feature of the unit helps in saving a lot of battery power. Moreover, the design also helps in the proper integration of the stereo with the car interiors. It is meant to fit every possible car design.

The sound performance and audio playback resolution are excellent. For managing the resolution of the audio playback, 13-band equalizers are present in the stereo. The preamplifier is of superior quality and helps produce high pitch sound, which is most suitable for the speakers installed in cars.


7. UNITOPSCI Car Stereo


If you are looking for a touch screen car stereo that supports multimedia operations, you should seriously consider the UNITOPSCI Car Stereo Single Din Car Radio. It has a unique 7-inch HD touchscreen, which is motorized and thus, can be retracted as well. Moreover, the touch response is smooth and works instantly.

Additionally, you also get an auxiliary interface for inputs like MP3. Besides, you can also connect mobile phones and external music players using the interface. The rear camera is extremely helpful for navigation. An 8GB SD card is also given to the buyer, that contains offline maps and other navigation information.

Like other latest car stereos, this one also has an updated Bluetooth that supports hands-free calling, music players, and can also help in faster phonebook downloads. Uninterrupted hands-free calling is also supported by Bluetooth once you connect your phone. The usage of Bluetooth in the car stereos makes driving safer. You do not have to use your hands for making calls, changing music, etc.

The Built-in GPS receiver is useful in giving additional information for navigation. A Special antenna is present with the stereo for making this feature work.


8. Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo 

Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo 

The Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo is meant for all those people who want to have a large display in their car stereos. The installation size of this stereo is 7-inches, but the standing screen display size is 10.1 inches.

The car stereo also has an updated Android OS that allows you to use the Android car radio anytime. The system has a Quad-core processor, with 2GB RAM. Also, you get an internal storage of 16GB, which can be extended using an SD card to up to 128 GB. The touchscreen of the huge 10-inch display works smoothly, and the 1024 X 600-pixel resolution makes the entire screen appear clearer and brighter.

You can integrate the switches or buttons on the steering wheel with the car stereo easily. It makes controlling the stereo more convenient while you are driving. The backup camera is waterproof and works efficiently in displaying rear images instantly.

The stereo supports Android 5.1 and above, and all Apple phones starting from iPhone 7 and below. The Bluetooth, FM radio, and navigation features work swiftly, and it is easy to learn the controls as well. Overall, it will be a great addition to your car.


9. Pioneer AVH-200EX

Pioneer AVH-200EX

The Pioneer AVH-200EX Multimedia DVD Receiver is another masterpiece from the house of Pioneer. Pioneer has been in the business for a long and it is why old customers believe that this model is the best car stereo with a backup camera.

The hands-free recording and audio streaming features of this car stereo are impeccable. There is absolutely no lag or interruption when you use these features. It was one of the first stereos that became compatible with almost all Android and iPhone models. Being a stereo with a backup camera, it’s performance is judged based on the camera quality as well. Needless to say, it has an exceptionally good backup camera that gives instant information to help in navigation.

The built-in Bluetooth feature and a dedicated USB Direct Control port for iPhones are good additions to the stereo. The hardware of this unit is sturdy and can be integrated with almost all regular car designs. You get great Android music support and can access music stored in the device with simple features like FF, REW, etc.


Factors To Consider

  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Size and design
  • Camera resolution
  • Input and output ports
  • GPS navigation
  • Pricing
  • Updates

Best Car Stereos With A Backup Camera – Conclusion

So, in this article, we reviewed several car stereos so that you can choose the best car stereo with a backup camera. Backup cameras are essential for modern-day driving, especially on city roads. Moreover, the stereo experience has changed a lot with several advancements and updates brought in by the manufacturers.

We studied all the market trends and presented this list before you. You can select any one among these as per your requirements and enjoy the stereo experience.

FAQs on Car Stereos With A Backup Camera

Q1. Why Would I Need A Backup Camera?

Road traffic accidents are becoming more common these days. Most of them occur due to careless driving. However, sometimes the lack of visibility from the rear side of the vehicle becomes the cause of accidents as well. So, to prevent such situations, you must have a backup camera. It will also make reversing easier and more convenient.

Q2. What Is The Best Car Stereo With A Backup Camera?

When you need a stereo with a backup camera, you should select one that offers efficient features for both entities. Some stereos with great sound performance and backup cameras that we’ve discussed are Pioneer AVH-200EX, JVC KW-V330BT, Kenwood Excelon DNX994S, etc.

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