Best 8 Inch Subwoofer for Car

Good music with a punchy bass is all you need to have a great driving experience. It enlivens your automobile and just uplifts your mood. That’s why to get the desired bass in the compact space of your car, you need the best 8 inch subwoofers.

We really like 8 inch sub’s as they can fit into many car interiors. The result, even with a stock stereo system and speakers, can make a huge improvement to the sound quality.

However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the most suitable one for your car might become a challenge.

To help you out, here is our guide to the best 8 inch subwoofers. It has the most innovative and top-quality products for you, along with every piece of information you need to know before buying subwoofers.

So, without any delay, let’s have a look.

Top 15 Best 8 Inch Subwoofers 2021

1. Pioneer TS-SWX2002

Pioneer is hailed as one of the world’s leading brands in the electronics world. With a span of almost a century of innovations, they have played a great role in shaping the technology of sound and electrical equipment.

Pioneer Ts-Swx2002 is small and powerful and is surely one of the best 8-inch subwoofers in terms of value.

This subwoofer has a compact design and a reinforced MICA injection-molded cone structure for producing accurate low frequencies. The carpeted non-slip and scratch resistant enclosure surface protects them from any sort of damage and adds durability.

One notable feature of the product is its heavy-duty build and stability. Its dual spider provides greater motion control and stabilizes the stiffness in the sound by providing a much more linear motion.

The efficient mounts included in the system and angled push terminals make it quite convenient to connect to the speaker wires. Plus, the straighter connection makes it highly compact and gives you strong bass in little space.

Lastly, it is a versatile device and you can easily install it into your car, trucks, or cab.


2. CT SOUNDS Meso 8” D2

If we can describe the CT Sounds Car Subwoofer in one word, it is “powerful”.

It has an unparalleled maximum power of 1600 Watts and an RMS power of 800 Watts. It has a dual 2-ohm voice coil and an advanced cooling system for top-grade performance. Hence, it is a robust device that can handle great power and produce a high-quality resonance sound.

One special feature of the sub is its Y35 graded triple stacked ferrite magnet that helps in producing a clear sound and loud powerful bass.

Regarding its built, it is made of heavy-duty stamp steel and is covered by long-lasting rubber. The double-stitched nylon fabric cone and a poly-cotton blend spider make it a durable and efficient sound machine.

To sum up, if you want to spend a little on a sound system and need a reliable device, it is definitely a good option.


3. American Bass VFL-8D4

American Bass 8” Woofer is a compact device that surprises you with its tight and heavy bass. Its smart features include easy installation and the shocking punchy bass.

It is a dual 4-ohm subwoofer with the max power 1200W and the RMS power 600 W. It features a doubled-stacked 120-ounce magnet and 2.5-inch voice coil for a loud sound. Plus, the pre-wired terminals make it super easy to install as well.

The reasons behind its strong bass sound are its red-stitched high-density rubber foam surround and Kevlar fiber non-pressed paper cone. There is a 2.5” 4-layer high-temperature voice coil and a black poly-cotton spider with a mirror image that make it durable.

One feature that makes it a recommendable subwoofer is that along with its unmatched sound the brand has keenly focused on its durability. It has a heavy-duty cast aluminum basket and black powder finish that make it look robust and simultaneously last longer than others.

To prevent it from dust, it comes with a Kevlar woven composite dust cap. For additional long life, there is a direct VC cooling motor system that instantly cools the device and increases the playing time.

In a nutshell, it is a durable device that’s going to give you excellent sounds and stay with you longer than other variants.


4. Rockville RW8CA

Rockville RW8CA is an active sealed slim car subwoofer with a power-handling range of 600W-150W RMS.

The most beneficial part of its characteristics is the ease of operation and management. It has a special low-level RCA input with automatic turn-on technology. Plus, adjustable input sensitivity and soft delayed remote turn-on make it a handy sound device.

For upgraded performance and high durability, it has a thermal protection circuit, a short protective circuit, and an overload protection circuit. A low pass filter of 50Hz-150Hz, a subsonic filter, and a boosted bass are some additional features for a better sound.

Lastly, it is a CEA compliant product and if you are anyhow not impressed by the features, you get a 30-day full refund service.


5. Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D2 

Skar Audio VVX-8V3 D2 is affordable, with a high rill foam surround and a pressed paper cone design.

It features a dual 2-ohm voice coil configuration and a triple-stack high flux ferrite motor. As a result, it can operate on the peak power of 800W and the RMS power is 400W. Its 2-inch copper voice coil is made to endure high temperatures and lets you play music for hours.

With a sensitivity of 82.3 dB and a frequency range of 55 to 550 Hz, it produces a tight bass and elevates your sound experience in your car.

To sum up, if you want to upgrade the sound system of your car, these 8-inch woofers are a good alternative.


6. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 

The next on our list is the Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Subwoofer, with heavy bass and a lot of positive reviews from customers around the world.

It has a 2-ohm DVC (dual voice coil) and can handle up to 150 Watts RMS and 300 Watt Max powers. Plus, customized 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals and anodized aluminum caps add efficiency to its performance.

Besides that, it features a unique spider venting design and dust caps that keep the motor cooler as well as protecting it from dust. One special feature of the subwoofers is an innovative hybrid stamp-case basket that simultaneously makes it a lightweight but exceptionally tough product.

It is made to offer the most desirable sound within sealed or vented enclosures and you can easily mount it in your car or your home.

Lastly, you get a full one-year warranty and dependable customer service.


7. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8

Alpine is a world-famous brand in the electronics industry so you may already be aware of its innovative technology and reliable products. This advanced PWE-S8 subwoofer features all the characteristics that we seek in a premium sound device.

First of all, it is really compact and handy. Its 3×13.5×9” size makes it perfect for your car and you can easily fit it almost anywhere inside. Its “deep bass and less space” feature makes it a favorite of car owners.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the sound after looking at its size. It uses a class-D amplifier of 120W and gives you the desired powerful bass sound. Plus, there is a side panel for managing phase gain, low pass crossover that will help you in easy control and blending your bass with other sound systems.

Next, its heavy-duty cast metal enclosure protects the inner subwoofer under all circumstances and makes it a durable product.

One exceptional feature that we really admire about the item is that you can easily control the bass level from your driver’s seat. There is an input for wired remote level knobs and a 15” cable is attached for a handy installation anywhere on the dashboard.

Besides that, the convenient RCA inputs, and speaker level inputs with automatic turn on features make it a highly advanced and recommendable product.

Hence, if you are looking for a premium subwoofer with the finest sound and durable features, then Alpine PWE-S8 is your go-to option.


8. Infinity Kappa 800W

Infinity Kappa Subwoofer is an affordable alternative that gives you lots of interesting features.

The first of them is an SSI (Selectable Smart Impedance). It means that unlike other options that work on 2 or 4-ohm impedance, it offers you the choice to reconfigure your system by just flipping a switch.

It can operate on RMS power 400 Watts and a maximum of 1600 W. The terminals can accommodate up to an 8-gauge wire that gives a low-resistance and low-loss power to the system.

Plus, it has a two-sided ducted air flow mechanism that instantly cools the voice coil and improves power management. This advanced and quite exceptional aero-cooling design also improves the sturdiness of the product.

Kappa’s subwoofer cones feature glass-fibers for producing acute bass and a detailed non-resonant sound. Its efficient design eliminates all the unwanted distortion and gives you what you seek – clean and loud music

Lastly, you get a 1-year warranty with the item, and in case you get into any sort of trouble, you can call the manufacturer any time.


9. Skar Audio SDR-8 D4

If you don’t feel like spending a huge sum on car subwoofers, then Skar Audio SDR-8 D4 is definitely the most recommendable option for you. On a small budget, it brings you loads of reliable features and surprisingly, supported by lots of customers as the best 8-inch subwoofer for value.

Its high roll foam surrounds with an efficient pressed paper cone gives you groovy low frequencies. Plus, a high flux ferrite motor and an advanced airflow cooling mechanism instantly cools the interior and increases durability.

Next, it comes in 2 and 4-ohm variants and peak power of 700W and RMS power of 350W. The frequency response range of the sub is from 30 Hz- 350 Hz with a sensitivity of 83.7 dB. Plus, it features a 2.4” high-temperature copper voice coil for a powerful performance.


10. MB Quart DS1-204

MB Quart DS1-204 is a compact, reliable, and high-rated subwoofer and pocket-friendly sound system.

Its first noteworthy feature is a shallow mount system. With a mere less than 3-inch mounting depths, it becomes a versatile and handy alternative that you can easily mount in your car.

It produces deep bass and performs its best in a sealed enclosure. It has a front and rear venting system that makes the cooler air enter the voice coil gap and produces the required tight bass. Simultaneously, it also increases the life expectancy of the system.

It has a heavy gauge powder coated stamped steel basket that offers it the required strength and protects the inner sound system. For added durability, it has a heavy-duty built with UV rubber surround to resist sun fading and nickel-plated push and inserts eliminate chances of corrosion.

With all these highlights, it becomes one of the most reliable and long-lasting subwoofers on the list.


11. Rockford Fosgate M1D2-8

If you don’t want to get settled for a classic black subwoofer then we have something really exciting for you. This Rockford Fosgate M1D2-8 marine Subwoofer is exactly what you need to level up your sound system game.

As already mentioned in the name, the woofer is a beaming and colorful device. It comes with beautiful installed lights and an impressive operating function. You can connect it to Rockford Fosgate Color Optix Controller and RF connect app and customize the light color patterns by yourself!

If we examine its sound, then it is a 2-ohm device and produces clear loud bass. It can handle power from 150 W RMS / 600 W peak. Plus, it is a handy sub that offers a desired “plug n play” connectivity and a streamlined installation.

One highly innovative feature is that you get a Versa Switch to change its impedance from 1 ohm to 4 ohms in no time. The efficient designs and IP67 certification make it ideal for marine applications as well.

Lastly, you get a full two-year warranty and you can always contact the manufacturer in case you need any sort of assistance.


12. BOSS Audio Systems CXX8

Here comes the true rockstar you’ve been waiting for. With a minimum budget, this BOSS CXX8 has the maximum positive customer reviews among all the 8-inch subwoofers.

In a surprisingly least price range, it offers you some unparalleled features.

First of all, its polypropylene cone and heavy-duty body make it a reliable and long-lasting product. It has a stamped basket and a corrosion-resistant body that would survive even after years. For further durability, it features a resilient rubber surround.

The voice calls are designed to withstand high temperatures and deliver a smooth and powerful bass sound. Hence, you can play them for hours without any negative effect on the performance.

Lastly, you get an industry-leading 3-year warranty. All these incredible features at such a pocket-friendly price make it one of the best 8-inch subwoofers.


13. Kicker 44CWCD84

The Kicker 44CWCD84 is a good-looking and great-performing subwoofer. It gives you a high-quality bass sound without those unwanted distortions.

It has a 4-ohm dual voice coil for efficient thermal heat management and high-temperature resistance. The power rating of the system is 200W RMS-400W peak power. The robust construction and great packaging add extra brownie points to its usefulness.

It is an easy-to-install subwoofer that needs 3.88 inches of mounting depth and a 7-inch diameter in the sealed or vented sub boxes. However, it works best in a sealed or ported sub enclosure and 200 W power.

The most helpful part about the sub is that it produces excellent sound at high volumes without any distortion or noise. Hence, you can enjoy all sorts of music with no tempering or noise.


14. JL Audio 8W1v3-4

If space is the least and the amplifier power is quite moderate, then JL Audio 8W1v3 is a decent subwoofer option. It is made to give excellent low-frequency sounds in an enclosed system and make your driving experience pleasant.

It has a shallow mounting depth (3.6”) and a compact motor structure so that it can easily fit your car. It does not have a pole vent so that the rear of the motor is placed directly against the enclosure.

The most advanced feature of the product is its linearity and excursion capacity. Its hardware configurations as well as JL Audio’s proprietary technology produce powerful sub-bass sounds.

The 4-ohm device has a power configuration of 150W RMs to 300 W peak power. Plus, a powerful frequency response of 25-250 Hx and sensitivity of 84.4 dB makes it a handy and trustworthy device.


15. Planet Audio AC8D

Here we end our list with the Planet Audio AC8D 8-inch car subwoofer. It is one of our highly recommended products and you can definitely trust it with the bass quality.

Its polypropylene cone and high-temperature voice coils are made to ensure that they produce the finest sound and last long. You can play them for a long time and the quality won’t disappoint you.

The surround foam is made of high-quality material and provides greater efficiency to the sound system. Plus, the stamped basket gives the desired rigidity and protection to the subwoofer.

With a resonant frequency of 39 Hz and Sensitivity of 85 dB, the sub is an excellent device that you can easily install and play.

Lastly, you get an unparalleled 3-year warranty with the product.


Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best 8 Inch Subwoofer 2020

Powerful and undistorted bass in the car is the desire of every car owner. That’s why the market is flooded with audio equipment. Even in the 8-inch subwoofer category, you get loads of options available.

However, to choose the most suitable option for your car, you need to focus on and compare several distinguished parameters. To sort your every trouble, here is a list of some essential factors that you must look for while purchasing the best 8-inch subwoofer. –

1. Power

If you desire that loud and clear low-frequency sound, then power is definitely the first factor that you should consider.

Whenever you observe a subwoofer, always notice the RMS (root mean square) power ratings. RMS power means the continued power handling that your subwoofer is going to work upon. Make sure that the subwoofer is able to handle your amp’s power.

The peak power is the level which the device can manage for a short period and would fail down if it is made to operate at that range. RMS is the power that the woofer can consistently manage.

2. Enclosure Type

The next important feature of any subwoofer is the type of enclosure you get with it. Surprisingly, the enclosure a sub is mounted in can dramatically affect the output sound of the subwoofer.

There are various types of enclosures available for the subwoofers. However, the most suitable enclosures for an 8-inch subwoofer are the sealed box ones. They help in producing deep and tight bass.

Furthermore, ported enclosures or bandpass enclosures allow higher volume levels. Thus, if you prefer loud music over a tight one, you can go for these sorts of enclosures.

3. Sensitivity

Sensitivity is an important aspect that helps in producing loud sound and higher-quality output.

In the simplest words, the sensitivity of a subwoofer means how much volume you get from the device when you give a certain amount of power to it. A subwoofer with a higher sensitivity rating will produce the same amount of sound in lower power than a lower sensitivity device.

In general, a sensitivity range above 88 dB is considered above average and a good range. Anything below 84 dB is considered to be poor. For a good quality sound system, the sensitivity of 92 dB or higher is supposed to be the best.

4. Frequency Range

As you know that bass means low-frequency sounds, then a device that can produce the lowest sounds would be undoubtedly the best.

If you are looking for a high-quality bass sound, then it is advisable to go for a low-frequency range sound device.

A subwoofer with a smaller lower limit means it will produce deeper lower frequencies, A lower frequency range between 20-30 Hz is considered to be extremely powerful and deep.

5. Number Of Voice Coils

The next factor is the number of coils used in the sound system.

If you are looking for an instant update in your car’s sound system, then single voice coil subwoofers are a good choice. However, if you want an unprecedented sound in your car, then investing in the dual coil subwoofers is highly recommended.

They give you lots of flexibility in wiring the sound systems. Dual Voice Coil (DVC) subwoofers use two separate connection coils that are mounted on one cylinder and later connected to a single cone.

Thus, if you enjoy powerful and personalized stereo sound, then you should definitely consider going for a DVC subwoofer.

6. Size

Now comes the most asked query, i.e., the size of a subwoofer. What is the best size of the subwoofer for your car depends solely on your car’s space and your choice of music.

If you don’t have any space problem in your car then big or even the biggest subs are the best for you. However, if you want a maximum sound in a limited space, then you can choose a smaller subfactor.

Most of us believe that big subs produce the loudest bass. However, this is not the case most of the time. Various other factors such as the enclosure, sensitivity, or power handling affect the performance of the subwoofer.

Many times, a properly powered sub in the right enclosure can produce a loud sound or even a sound better than the big subs.

So, you don’t have to worry that a small sub will produce less bass and after considering the space in your car, you can conveniently choose the size of a sub.

7. Impedance

The last determining factor is the impedance offered by the system. Impedance affects the flow of current in the system and thus affects the final performance.

Subwoofers are available in a range of 1 to 8-ohm impedance ratings. Depending upon your sub’s impedance level, you can choose your amplifier. Make sure that your speakers and the rest of the sound system have the same impedance so that you get the best possible sound as a result.

Along with these factors, you should also look for the warranty/guarantee and the replace/refund policy of the manufacturer. Many times, you are not satisfied with the product or a sub might not fit into your car the way you desire.

In such cases, warranty or refund policies become really helpful.

Lastly, you should also consider the price and your budget before buying subwoofers. If you are planning to get a new car after a while or upgrade the factory system first, then choosing a medium budget subwoofer is highly recommended.

Best 8 Inch Subwoofers – Conclusion

Eight-inch subwoofers are small yet powerful devices that can drastically affect your car’s sound system. If you love powerful bass in your car while driving, then getting a subwoofer is a must. Most of the time, a factory sound system is incapable of giving you the desired feel, and adding a smart subwoofer can become a game-changer.

Our guide has offered you the list of the best 8-inch subwoofers in the market and how you should buy one for your car. After considering all the factors that affect the performance of a sub and obviously, your budget, you can easily get the most suitable one for you.

Now, choose the most suitable sub for you and make your car go – boom boom!


  1. How Many Subwoofers Do I Need To Get The Best Sound?

    It solely depends upon your choice and preference for music. If you like a lot of hip hop, dance, or techno music stuff, you might consider getting two subs for your car. However, there is no such urgency as a single sub is capable enough to make you give the best vibes and powerful boomy bass.

  2. Many Car Owners Fill The Enclosure With Fiber. What’s That For?

    Polyester fiber decreases the resonance in the system and hence gives you a clean and louder sound. If you want an even better performance from your subwoofer, you can fill the enclosure with polyester fiber material.

  3. Even After Adding A Subwoofer, The System Is Not Giving A Great Sound. What Should I Do?

    The best thing you can do even if attaching a subwoofer isn’t giving the desired results is upgrading the factory sound system. Your car’s inbuilt sound system can give you limited results and might need to upgrade with time. Believe us, it will make huge differences and give you the desired thump and thrum.

  4. What Is Better – A Mono Amplifier Or A Multi-channel Amplifier To Power The Subwoofers?

    Mono amplifiers belong to Class-D amplifiers and are definitely the best choice for powering subs. They also have a higher power-to-hear ratio and greater efficiency. Hence, they are better than multichannel ones.

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