Best Car Speakers For Bass

“The music in the soul can be heard by the universe”- Lao Tzu was not kidding when he had this epiphany. Music is indeed the way to connecting with one’s soul and the world in general. As there is no wonder that humans have sought ways to remain in contact with music as long as possible, even after thousands of tears later.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” and humans have indeed invented a lot many gadgets to take care of this hobby (even main occupation for some) of theirs. Starting from the gramophone, we have come a long way in terms of auditory tastes.

1. Pioneer TS-M800PRO 2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 3. Nvx
Pioneer TS-M800PRO Best Best Car Speakers For Bass Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Nvx 6 ½ Inch Professional Grade

Nowadays, nearly everyone sports an earphone or a headphone of some kind. And mostly, people are okay with that. But what happens if you cannot listen to your favorite tracks due to any reason? What happens is that humans find a way to listen, no matter what the disability is.

For safety reasons, auditory paraphernalia such as headphones and earphones are not recommended while driving. So people instead use the speaker of their phones to get the job done. However, installing a sound music system in your car is a far better and efficient way of handling this drawback.

Many amongst us like our songs with some extra “oomph.” Not everyone wants bass, but the people who fancy it can feel letdown with their vehicles’ pre existing sound systems.

After all, who would settle for a bad audible experience when they could get a much better music system installed at around half the price?

The speakers and woofers’ quality can make a significant impact on the quality of ride you experience. Hence it is essential to invest in a good brand of spurs for your car. But with the massive multitude of bass speakers to choose from, how can we zero in on the best car speaker for bass for car electronics of our choice?

That is where this guide comes in. With a comprehensive evaluation of many top of the line speakers, this guide can offer an insight into the world of portable music systems for vehicles.

Top 6 Best Car Speakers For Bass 2021

1. Pioneer TS-M800PRO

Are you looking for a reliable entry from a well-known brand in this segment? If that is the case, then Pioneer’s TS-M800PRO would be the best car speakers for bass. These are some of the more recent additions to their already vast array of auditory paraphernalia.

It has impressive output handling and provides accurately balanced sound in conjunction with the bullet tweeters built into the array itself. The speaker’s good quality offers it with a durable build and features a mid/bass driver.

The drivers measure 8 inches in size and are made using very high-grade materials. The optimally blended pulp (which has a longer lifespan than a typical paper cone) also lends its different uses to this speaker. The woofer itself sports a lightweight, corrugated, and vibration-absorbing surround. The tweeter is designed so that its performance is the best when under the pressure of high-frequency waves.

Add in the simulation provided by the oversized magnets. Together, they provide such a fantastic output that it can be heard over the engine rumbling and the usual ambient noises that seem to plague motor vehicles. The high strength steel frames allow them the freedom to perform freely.

These fantastic speakers can handle more than 1400 watts of peak power (including both) and have a peak RMS of 180 each. These bundles of powerful features and durability make it one of the best car speakers for bass.


  • It has a high output and an exceptionally optimized bass.
  • It is capable of delivering compelling sounds.
  • All in all, it is an okay balanced full-range stereo audio.


  • The sounds can start to crash at higher settings.
  • It consumes a lot of power, hence cannot be let to stay idle.

2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3

This guide can’t indeed be a speaker guide if it doesn’t include Rockford speakers. So here it ks. This is another one of the best car speakers for bass that is quite affordable yet durable.

They are 6.5 inches in size, but unlike some other brands, they offer you one of the cheapest manners to get your hands on some well mixed in addition to an extended frequency range.

This speaker is rumored (conclusively) to have better middles than most others because it is a low budget, three-way class set. This three-way array consists of two mid-range drivers (the first one is 6.5 inches in diameter and the second one is 2.5 inches). The half-inch tweeter may seem small, but it powers through all the higher responses.

They have a relatively lower power handling at 90 watts. But then most of us do not even need much higher outputs anyway. And as is the usual case with bass, less is more to ensure optimal quality. Therefore, it should not be too much of a drawback.

The availability of so many features at such a price range makes it one of the best car speakers for bass in this range.


  • It provides a good value for money and is exceptionally affordable.
  • The three-way class option is a welcome change in the speaker industry.
  • It also has the 6.5-inch standard size, and as a result, does not require any modifications.
  • It can provide the right amount of bass and sound at a lower power input.


  • Some people might find the sound to be lower than some regular speakers.
  • It does not contain any added fashion accessories.

3. Nvx 6 ½ Inch Professional Grade

Are you looking to rock your car (and your world) and want to upgrade to a good brand? The NVX Pro-grade speakers are here to upgrade your stock speakers.

These come to form the professional family of speaker brands. Hence they are quite reliable and durable. These are a reasonably low watt alternative to your traditional car speakers. This allows them to work in tandem with the majority of factory car speaker amplifiers. And the powerful pricing options ensure quick and easy replacements.

Like so many other speakers in this segment, they are a 2-way class set; They also have sturdy 6.5 inches, vacuum molded polypropylene, one woofer cone. This woofer cone is of too high quality and can quickly dampen the acoustic surround. Moreover, the material and build quality are beyond par with many other competitors in the same price region.

The woofer works continuously to deliver high grade and punchy bass. Simultaneously, the treble is taken care of by the 1-inch silk dome tweeter, which is quite energetic for its size.

In addition to all these features, the inbuilt, high-temperature KSV voice coil helps prevent overheating, which seems to plague so many other speakers. This makes it one of the best car speakers for bass on this list.

The crossover seems to be well designed and calculated. The mix is, in turn, really natural, and it does not have any malfunctioning parts. This means that nothing sounds out of place, even at higher sound levels. The quality is excellent, and the bass does not break up at any level. Together they have a peak power handling of 160 watts per pair and an RMS of 80.


  • Its pricing is very aggressive for a speaker of its build and quality.
  • The materials used are of high grade and exceptional durability.
  • It offers more than 80 RMS per pair.
  • The 6.5-inch size acts as a cherry on top of the whole thing.


  • Installing them can be quite tricky.
  • It might not match the overall taste of your car.

4. Rockville RM84PRO

This one is one of the most expensive entries on this list. Hence it comes as no surprise when it is the best car speaker for bass in any segment. This is a top-quality speaker that will blow you away with its sound quality and features.  It also employs pretty high end and durable materials.

The set consists of four separate, mid-range speakers. These speakers are 8 inches in size and come with woofer grilles and open baskets to mount. Moreover, the cones are made of pressure-treated Kevlar reinforced pulp, providing some of the perfect conditions for delivering excellent response and increased durability.

The performances of these speakers are exquisite. It is ideal for people who prefer bass-heavy equalization. The large surface area means that they can get the best out of their province. Having four speakers increases the already unbelievable depth. In addition to this, the built-in technology makes break ups at high volumes a thing of the past.

The cones are centered inside a treated cloth accordion suspension. This suspension also incorporates a Progressive Cone Spider (PCS). The surround helps with dampening and features oversized coils,which are perfect for withstanding high temperatures. The power rating of 300 watts seems to be through the roofs, but it is expected with the features at this price point.


  • It contains around four mid-range woofers, which are a blessing for people who are looking for better bass quality and higher sound levels.
  • The kevlar reinforced cones are extraordinarily durable and produce crisp sound.
  • The large 8-inch option is some of the best on this list.


  • It is quite capital heavy as an investment choice.

5. Pyle 6.5 Inch Mid Bass

This entry is a crowd favorite when it comes to looking for affordable and best-in-class speakers. With such aggressive (and low) prices, these are sure to give tough competition to even the best car speakers for bass.

Easy to mount, the two-way class model comes in various aesthetic ranges to suit all your fashion needs. The rubber treated cones (although entry-level) are of exceptional quality, something that is difficult to deliver in this price range, in addition to keeping away unwanted sound. The one-inch voice coils dissipate heat evenly and can handle 300 watts of peak power without malfunctioning.

For people working on a tight budget, this speaker would be an exceptionally sound investment. Sporting a 30-ounce magnet structure with a frequency range between 60hz and 20 kHz, these speakers provide loud, smooth, and unique sound without introducing noise or unwanted reverberations.

The specially handled surround secures your audio equipment and lengthens the life of your product. The one inch, excessive temperature aluminum voice coils make short work of any heat that might be created due to the environmental factors and power input.

While not the absolute best, the bass quality is a blessing to have at this price range. These speakers offer some of the best performance per buck. Therefore, many people use these as an intermediate upgrade until they save up for more. So if you have just bought a new car and want to upgrade your speaker system, all the while remaining within your budget constraints, then this is the best choice for you.


  • The two-way class is hard to spot in this price range.
  • It has impressive quality and durability.
  • The 8-inch option is some of the largest on this list.


  • Not the absolute best, although they do get the job done.
  • Some might find the cone quality lacking in many aspects.

6. Boss Audio CH6530 Car Speakers

These are some of the few oval entries on this list. With a generic size of 6×9 inches, they can fit with almost all types of preexisting sound systems. Moreover, being an affordable and low price, the three-way class option may make it a sweet deal for people hoping to cop one at economical rates.

They feature genuine piezoelectric tweeters, which guarantee high returns for the value of your money. They also have premium built voice coils, which promise to resist heat in a much more orderly fashion than many of its predecessors. The cones are made of metal, and polyurethane injected composite provides smooth response and low lag and cackle.

The rubberized surrounds in place for dampening the distortion on low frequencies seem to work wonders. The stamped basket structure just further increases its stability and durability.

These are exceptionally decided and fabricated, especially for an entry at such a price range. And finally, with a capacity of accepting around 400 watts per pair and an impeded of 4 ohms, these are one of the best car speakers for bass on this list. They are very well designed and fabricated, especially for a bargain set. They flawlessly handle high outputs of up to 400 watts max per pair at an impedance of 4 oms.


  • It is one of the best three-way class speakers on this list.
  • It has honest input audio.
  • With its aggressive pricing, it provides a fantastic value for your money.


  • The body build material might not match your expectations.
  • May struggle while handling music at the louder end of the spectrum

What’s your choice?

You need to chart out your requirements early on if you hope to land the best car speaker for bass. Proper research and time need to be invested because there are multitudes of different speakers from different brands.

Moreover, you also need to learn about some terminologies and their subsequent effects in your song. And finally, you need to match the speakers’ requirements with the available capital of your car. For example, a speaker requiring 300 watts of energy cannot be installed in a vehicle that can only provide 150 watts.

With the competition so great and the market flooded with affordable and accessible speakers, many people take it upon themselves to install the speakers in their car themselves. Though it is not a bad idea, it is always better to have the professionals install anything in your beloved vehicle.

Moreover, the best car speakers for bass will only be as good as the amplifier they are hooked up to. Therefore, you need to have an all-round knowledge of things before investing in a speaker and installing it in your vehicle.

Like literature and history, bass is subjective. Not everyone will love one quality or volume. Therefore, it is imperative you clearly state out your likes and are of comfort before finalizing one.

Finally, give some thought to the underdogs as well. If the quality is good and the price is affordable, it would make far better sense to purchase that speaker instead of going for a brand and a subsequently higher-priced one.

What Should I Look For While Selecting The Best Car Speakers For Bass?

To know what features and add ons to look for in a good bass speaker, we need first to define a good car speaker.

Best Car Speakers

Whenever you buy a new set of speakers, you should always think of pairing them with amplifiers. This is because your aftermarket speakers and stock amplifiers might have different RMS ratings. This is a terrible combination to have. Moreover, the amplifier sets the limits of what your sound system can do between the two of them. So upgrading your speakers along with a good amplifier will allow you to realize your speakers’ potential fully.

You also might need to research a bit and try to find out how many channels are available to you, along with the impedance that they provide. If you’re looking for versatile amplifiers, it should switch outputs and impedance easily. This allows you to easily set it up, even without any professionals’ help.

The speaker’s shape and size also play a massive role in determining the speaker’s sound quality. Typically, 6 to 6.5 inch and circular or 6X9 inch and oval are the most common types of shapes and sizes available. And with such measures, they replace and be installed in nearly all cars, though some might require a few modifications to make space for the equipment.

For bass handling, you should look for a larger cone surface area. They typically come in 8-inch sizes and have a better bass handling option. Moreover, they need to be at least two ways classified to provide a full range sound. The three-way class set up is a much better option to provide well rounded and deeper bass. If you come across a three-way and a two-way woofer/tweeter combination, it is common sense to choose the former over the latter every single time.

And finally, look for a product within your budget. Overspending on such add ons for your car may not be a wise option. So what you should aim for is to find well-made speakers at affordable price ranges. Moreover, all the high output tweeter/ woofer models should have their appropriate cooling options in place. This allows you to keep them working at maximum efficiency without risking overheating.

Best Car Speakers For Bass

Now, this is where things get a little iffy. There is no optimal amount of bass for anyone. It all depends on your likes, dislikes, and preferences. It ranges from hood thumping bass speakers to sleep-inducing lo-fi bass. And for each of these types, you need different speakers built to handle the additional load that each music genre provides.

In an ideal situation, you would not want your bass to distort and cackle. But sometimes, people might like this twist to traditional music, and for that, you need to find systems that would be able to bear the workload being put on them to create such sounds.

Suppose you are looking for more definition between different frequencies and their respective regions. In that case, you should go for speakers that can handle low ends without distorting your music, even at very high amounts of volume that are available nowadays.

There are multitudes of options to choose from out there; all you need to do is research your needs and capabilities thoroughly and match them with the car’s specifications.


  1. Why Are Aftermarket Speakers Thought To Be Better Than The Stock Ones?

    Car manufacturers have only one goal: to churn out as many cars as possible with the least likely investment. Therefore, they use average quality magnets and drivers. This decreases the quality of the sound and bass offered by the stock speakers.
    On the other hand, Speaker companies can afford to invest everything in increasing their speakers’ quality and productivity. Speakers don’t need any other addition besides their bass parts, so you honestly get what you are paying for.
    Moreover, speaker replacement is one of the only expensive stereo upgrades in a car’s sound systems. Therefore, it is an excellent choice to hold off on upgrading unless and until you have an old vehicle or want better sound quality right off the bat.
    But whatever might be the case, unless the car manufacturer states the superiority of their speaker systems over conventional ones, the aftermarket speakers take the cake almost every time.

  2. How Much Energy Is Required By The Aftermarket Speakers?

    It is clear now that if you choose good quality speakers for your car, it will make a world of difference in the sound transference and quality. Moreover, as we all; know, better things require increased input. So it is quite natural that the aftermarket speakers, which are better than the stock ones by a long shot, would consume more energy and power.
    The amount of power needed by your speakers is determined by their RMS (root mean square) power handling. It is usually recommended to slightly exceed this RMS rating, increasing the sound quality by a considerable margin. Therefore, a speaker with a low RMNS setting is recommended for both stock and aftermarket speakers.
    If you have a relatively higher RMS rating, pairing it with an amplifier will take your auditory sensations to a whole new level. It is essential to connect your speaker with the right amplifier, as overlooking this might cause your speakers to malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary that both the speakers and the amplifier’s RMS rating should be the same. Suppose there is a large gap between their ZRMS ratings. In that case, it can either overpower the system, causing frying of the sensors or underpower it, which will decrease the quality of your music exponentially.

  3. What Are The Best Materials To Choose The Speaker Cones From?

    Both tweeters and speaker cones can be built using a large variety of materials. These include, but are not limited to, paper, synthetic fibers, woven fabrics, or even composites. It is a rule of the thumb that the rougher the woofer cones are, the more powerful bass notes it will produce. On the other hand, cones made of paper are incredibly responsive. However, they tend to break down quite quickly.
    A standard hydrocarbon-based composite, polypropylene is mixed with many different materials to offer harder bass notes while maintaining a higher than average responsiveness. For a quick check, though, the larger a speaker cone is, the deeper the bass it produces.

  4. What Are The Various Terminologies Used When Buying The Best Car Speakers For Bass?

    There are various terminologies used to describe the various features and add ons of a bass speaker. Knowing the difference and meaning behind each of them could be the difference between making a good buy or a bad one.
    a. Crossover
    It is kind of like the road that determines the final destination of each frequency. Lack of one can cause all of your signals to mix and introduce noise in the system. This results in an abysmal performance. Therefore, to get the best from your car speakers, you should ensure that your car has a great crossover installed.
    These crossovers also have two different types available- active and passive. Passive crossovers divert the frequencies to their required paths without consuming any sort of energy. On the other hand, active crossovers require a ground connection and additional input from the amplifier.
    That said, an active crossover delivers more fine-tuning and flexibility in your music. Paired with an equalizer, this is a combination that can put all other varieties to shame.
    Passive crossovers further divide into two types- inline and component crossovers. As the name suggests, inline crossovers are already hooked onto the amplifier and can be installed easily. On the contrary, Component crossovers reroute the amplifier’s signals but are quite versatile compared to inline ones.
    b. Woofers
    A woofer system is ideal for receiving low sound frequencies. This is where the bass originates from. Usually, a woofer cone that is lightweight and has a stiff material is ideally the best choice for any sort of music lover. Moreover, any propylene-based cone just adds to the charm of it.
    A good woofer should be able to handle extreme moisture and temperatures. As time passes, your car will sometimes get very cold or very hot. To avoid incurring future expenses, invest in a robust car speaker system.
    c. Power Handling
    This term refers to the amount of power that our car speakers can handle without giving up on you. Low power systems can take low energy, and similarly, high power systems can handle high energy ones.
    It is denoted by the RMS rating and should be paid close attention to, as choosing the wrong power setting speaker can cause more harm than good.

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