Manual Paddle Shifters

The Mastershift Manual Shifter Kit is able to shift almost any cable driven transmission! Any transmission that is not cable shifted will need to check below for hardware that will convert your transmission to be cable shifted. Below are the lists of all the options available for our manual shifter kits.

The MasterShift™ Manual Shifter supports Tremec TKO, Tremec T-56, Tremec TR-3650, RBT-5 (formally the ZF), RBT-6 and also the C5/C6/Z06! The unit (shifter) is coupled to the transmission via two shift cables and a transmission adapter; this makes installation quick and easy.


  • A vehicle with a MasterShift™ hardware supported H-pattern transmission, or a currently cable shifted transmission. Currently supported transmissions and transaxles are above.

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We have put in the research so you can focus on driving and enjoying the trip.