New Offroad Seq

The MasterShift™ Sequential Shifter enables makes it possible to shift sequential transmission while allowing drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel. It provides a quick and reliable digitally (electronic) controlled shift. A standard shift cable couples the unit, just like the manual shift lever; this makes installation quick and easy.

Supported Transmissions:

The MasterShift™ Sequential Shifter currently supports Albins, Fortin and Mendeola sequential transmissions. Other similar transmissions may be supported.

  1. Mendeola models S4, S5, S4D, S5D, and HD4
  2. Fortin models FRS 4, FRS 5, FRS 6
  3. Albins AGB-SS5


Vehicle with a supported sequential transmission. Currently supported are:

  1. Albins AGB-SS5
  2. Fortin models FRS 4, FRS 5 and FRS 6
  3. Mendeola models S4, S5, S4D, S5D and HD4

Remark Industries Fortin or Mendeola Sequential Gear Display (can be ordered together with your Sequential Shifter) or the factory Albins or Fortin gear indicator.

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