New Street Manual

Manual transmission requires the driver to manually select the gears and while this can seem like a chore to new drivers, experienced drivers and especially car enthusiasts will say that manual shifting is the best way to drive a vehicle.

This is especially true because of the of the control that manual shifting can provide the driver. Some like a vehicle that gives them complete control but you might also be surprised to know that manual transmission can actually be easier to maintain and repair in the long run. Besides being more fun to drive for drivers who prefer the control.

Driving enthusiasts will consider the performance and safety of their vehicle a priority but what about ensuring that your vehicle also looks it’s best? Paint can be very expensive which is why it is important to ensure that you do proper maintenance to prevent it from getting spoiled.

This is where car sealants come in. These can protect your vehicle’s paint from UV, Acid rain damage, etc. and we have curated some of the best car sealants on the market so you can pick one that is best for your vehicle.