Best Fire Extinguisher For Car

Do you know why you need the best fire extinguisher for cars? Because in 2019 only, there were around 189,500 highway vehicle fires reported in the United States! It is an alarming number, and to ensure your safety, you must invest in a good quality fire extinguisher.

With technological advancements, highway fires have gradually reduced from more than 400,000 vehicle fires per year in the 1990s to around 200,000 vehicle fires in 2020. Still, the numbers are pretty high, and keeping reliable safety equipment in your car interior that is easily accessible is highly advised.

Our guide to the best fire extinguisher for cars has the best online available fire extinguishers for you and has some essential knowledge about types of fires. It also has some valuable information you should possess before purchasing the most suitable car care device and tips to eliminate the chances of car fires at all.

Let’s start with our list of the best extinguishers.

After considering all the crucial factors, trends, and reviews, here is the list of the best fire extinguishers for cars for you:-

Top 9 Best Fire Extinguishers For Cars 2021

1. Kidde 21005779 Pro

Kidde 21005779 Pro Best Fire Extinguisher

Kidde fire extinguisher is one of the most recommended and highly appreciated fire extinguishers on our list. It has all the essential features that you look for in a good quality product.

First of all, it is rated 2A:10B:C, and it can fight all classes of fires such as trash, wood, liquids, or electrical sparks. With an easy-to-operate system and a reliable pressure gauge, you are constantly aware of its charge and performance aspects.

The next feature is its unparalleled power and efficiency. It has a powerful discharge time of 13 to 15 seconds and a discharge range of 10 to 15 meters. Plus, an operating pressure of 100 PSI makes it even greater. It also meets the requirements of UL and all the safety standards.

Lastly, it is rechargeable, has a wall hanger and a lightweight body. Plus, the powder-coated aluminum cylinder is resistant to any corrosion.


2. First Alert Fire Extinguisher

First Alert’s Fire Extinguisher is a compact and easy-to-use fire extinguisher that produces four times longer discharges than regular fire extinguishers. It is an ideal product for your car as well as household fires caused by paper, fabric, wood, electrical appliances, etc.

The extinguisher is four times greater than 2-B:C or 5-B:C kitchen fire extinguisher. It has a powerful 32 seconds of discharge that ensures the fire ends without resulting in any damage. Its nozzle is designed to spray a wide area and put out the fire in no time.

It is made to cover a three times wider surface area and can spread up to actuator-48 in sq. Hence, it is adequate for bigger fires, and you can trust its performance during any mishap.

Lastly, it is available as a duo, and you get two fire extinguishers with a 4-year warranty.

The only con with these extinguishers is that they are non-rechargeable. It means you have to dispose of them once they are empty or get expired.


3. H3R Performance HG100C

The next item on our list is H3R Performance HalGuard Chrome Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher, a reliable, high-quality steel cylinder for instant action against fire.

The first quality that sets it apart is it neither gives a thermal shock to your devices, such as electronic appliances nor causes any type of mess or damage to vehicles or surfaces. Its liquified gas and Halotron-1 agent extinguishes all kinds of fires and is rated 1B:C by UL.

Next, it is made of high-quality steel and has an all-metal valve construction, which makes it a compact and lightweight device that can spread the discharge to 6-8 ft range. Plus, it looks quite attractive and modern than the rest of the classic-looking, red-colored cylindrical cylinders.

One exceptional feature is that it is an environment-friendly product and does not cause any harm to the environment like other extinguishing equipment. Plus, it comes with a premium quality mounting bracket so that you don’t meet any difficulty in transporting it in your car.

Lastly, it is rechargeable, and you get an amazing five-year warranty with it.


4. Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose

Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher is one of the most powerful and most reliable fire extinguishers on our list. If you are looking for a safe and long-lasting fire extinguisher for your car, you can definitely trust this one.

It is rated 1-A:10-B: C by UL, and in case of any fire emergency, you can use it on all types of fires. Besides that, its easy-to-read gauge tells you when the extinguisher is fully charged and ready to use. Plus, a handy safety pin and a commercial-grade valve and trigger make it quite user-friendly.

Lastly, it is a lightweight and durable cylinder, which is approved by the US Coast Guard. All these features with exceptionally good reviews make it a tough contender for the best fire extinguisher for cars.


5. First Alert, Red, AUTO5

First Alert is one of the most trusted brands in home safety equipment and has been producing reliable products since 1958. This First Alert Car Fire Extinguisher is one of the top-rated and most acclaimed fires extinguishing equipment on our list.

It is made of durable and corrosion-resistant metal and constructed to last long. Its easy-to-read color-coded gauge offers you accurate information about the charge and measurement of the cylinder.

Another handy feature is its metal pull pin that comes with a safety seal so that no accidental discharge occurs. This safety seal also prevents any tampering or damage.

One feature that sets it apart from the rest of the extinguishers is that you get a secured extinguisher mount, bracket, and strap with it. You can easily mount or place it in your car and use it whenever you meet an emergency.

Lastly, it has got an easy instruction manual and a chemical as well as a water-resistant label that would help you in a rapid application.


6. Amerex B417T

If you are looking for a premium fire extinguisher for your car, you can choose Amerex B4172 Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher. It is a rugged and powerful product that comes with an unparalleled six-year warranty.

The cylinder is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a chrome-plated brass valve body. It has a stored-pressure design and stainless steel handle and lever for efficient application. Besides that, its all-metal valve construction and high-gloss polyester paints make it one of the most durable fire extinguishers.

This extinguisher uses a specially formulated, fluidized, and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical for powerful performance against fires. Its most useful feature is that it is applicable against all types of fires, i.e., A/B/C fires.

Another brilliant character is that its sticker label is silk-screened with UV inks and is laminated for long life. Thus, it won’t break or get damaged with age, and you can always read it before usage.

Lastly, it comes with wall brackets, and you won’t have the difficulty of buying separate brackets or holders for it.


7. Kidde 466206 Pro 

The next on our list of the best fire extinguisher for cars is Kidde 466206 Pro Fire Extinguisher. It is a multi-purpose fire extinguisher that you can keep not just in your car but in your home for any emergency.

The most beneficial feature about this extinguisher is that it is labeled 10A:80B:C, meaning it is highly effective against all types of fires. You can use it against fires caused by flammable objects such as paper, wood, or inflammable liquids, or electrical appliances.

If we discuss its design and mechanism, it is made of impact-resistant stainless steel and an all-metal valve. It has a pressure gauge to give you the exact details about the capacity level. Plus, it has an easy-to-pull safety pin and level for quick discharge.

The extinguisher comes with an easy-to-read instruction label with clear graphics so that you can effortlessly operate it during an accident. It can discharge for up to 19-22 seconds and work against any fire from a distance of 20 feet with a high-pressure of 195 psi.

The powder-coated cylinder is resistant to corrosion and is highly durable. Plus, it comes with a UL-approved wall hanger that would help you with easy placement.

Finally, it comes with a six-year limited warranty.


8. Buckeye 13315 

Buckeye 13315 Multipurpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher is a multifaceted product that works efficiently against all types of fires, be it caused by inflammable liquids or electricity.

It has an anodized aluminum valve assembly for immediate action and superior efficiency. This rechargeable cylinder comes with vehicle brackets so that you can easily carry it in your car all the time.

It has a handy color-coded gauge for showing a quick status about the material inside. Along with that, some positive customer reviews and feedback make it one reliable fire extinguishing equipment.


9. Mini Firefighter All Purpose

Mini Firefighter is a highly versatile fire extinguisher that you can use against A, B, C, or even against the K type fires (caused by oil or fats).

It uses a unique formula to extinguish all types of fires and can expand up to 40 times its size. One helpful feature is that it is super-easy to clean after usage. It leaves no residue, and you can clean everything with a damp cloth.

A notable character that must be mentioned is that it is a non-toxic, non-irritant, and fully-biodegradable material. Hence, it eliminates fire and doesn’t harm our environment.

Along with that, it has a carbon monoxide detector or a smoke detector that would tell you about any emergency.

Lastly, it is available in packs of 1/2/3/4, and you can buy it once for your home, car, or office at the same time.


Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Fire Extinguisher for Cars

A fire extinguisher is essential safety equipment that you must keep in your car all the time. It might seem to you that all the fire extinguishers look the same and probably work the same, but several crucial features help differentiate between a good and a bad one.

So, while you’re making your purchase, keep these important factors in your mind –

1. Efficiency And Ease In Operation

The first thing that you must notice in any safety equipment is its efficiency and how conveniently it operates.

As you know, fires are caused by multiple agents and are thus divided into type A/B/C fires. We’ll give detailed information about the types of fires later in our guide. Right now, you should remember that it is an unavoidable requirement for a car fire extinguisher to be efficient against all types of fires.

Besides that, it should have instant action and ease in the application to immediately work against the fire. For this reason, durable and easy pins, valves, and handles are provided in the extinguisher cylinder.

Hence, you can check all these factors before buying.

2. Size

The next factor is the size of the cylinder.

Fire extinguishers are available from a few pounds to huge sizes. What cylinder would suit you the best depends primarily on the size of your car. In easy words, if you have a small coupe, you would need a smaller cylinder than one required for a large SUV.

On average, 2 to 5-pound cylinders are the most preferred size that you can easily keep in your cars and use while you encounter any accident.

3. Rechargeability

Rechargeable fire extinguishers are handy options, especially if you have experience with fires. The non-rechargeable extinguishers can be used only once, and when they are empty or expire after a while, you have to throw the whole cylinder away.

A rechargeable extinguisher, on the other hand, can be filled again. They might look like an expensive alternative right now, but in the long run, they would save you lots of money and rid you of the stress of getting a new one again.

4. Durability

Fire extinguishers are generally bought for a long period, and you definitely don’t want to use them! Hence, their durability becomes a crucial feature that you must consider.

The durability of a fire extinguisher depends upon the material of the cylinders and the operating mechanism, i.e., the hose, valve, and chemical agent.

Whenever you purchase an extinguisher or any other safety equipment, make sure that it has the potential to last long, and you don’t need to buy one after a while without using them.

5. Other Features

Along with the above-given characteristics, here are some additional factors that you must look into in a fire extinguisher.

1. Discharge Time and Range – The longer the discharge, the better chances of putting out the fire. Plus, the more the range of operation, the less is the risk while extinguishing a fire.

So, we advise you to always read the manual of the product that describes these two features so that you can easily use it during a crisis.

2. Warranty – Warranty is a fundamental element in any purchase. While buying fire extinguishers, always check the warranty period so that in case of any defect, you can call the manufacturer.

3. Mounting ease – The last feature is how easily you can mount or carry your extinguisher. Safety equipment is needed in case of emergencies and must be kept at an easily approachable distance.

With regards to fire extinguishers for cars or your homes, always make sure that they come with easy mounting features.

What Are The A, B, And Cs In The Fire Extinguishers? Understanding The Types Of Fires

Now that you have read about all the best fire extinguishers for cars, you must have noticed the A, B, C type of ratings on all the extinguishers. If you are wondering what that means and why ABC extinguishers are called the best ones, then here is some essential information for you.

Fire hazards are caused by various agents. Depending upon their causing agents, fires are frequently divided into three categories –

1. Class A fires – These fires are caused by combustible substances such as wood, paper, any sort of waste, plastic, or cloth. They are generally considered the lowest risk category.

2. Class B fires – Flammable liquids such as gasoline, grease, paint, etc., are responsible for class B fires. They have a higher risk than class A fires, and if you don’t contain them immediately, they are capable of causing great damage to your vehicle and can be fatal.

With these fires, you should never attempt to extinguish them before you shut off the source of fuel. If you don’t shut the fuel, the unburned gas might escape into the atmosphere and cause an explosion.

3. Class C fires – These are the riskiest kind of hazard and are caused by energized electrical components. A power source fuels all the energy and can cause severe damage. They are also marked as class E (electrical fires) in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

So, when a fire extinguisher’s label says that it is an ABC one, it indicates that you can use it on all the given three types of fires. This is the reason why an ABC type is the best fire extinguisher for cars.

Now, let’s talk about the given digits. Let’s say an extinguisher’s guidebook or the label says it is a “2A:10B:C”.

Now, the digit before A suggests that it can release the equivalent of 1.25 gallons of water. In this case, the extinguisher can deliver 2*1.25, i.e., 2.50 gallons of water. Likewise, a 10A one would produce 12.50 gallons of water.

Next, the number before B denotes the area it can put out. In our case, the extinguisher can contain 10 square feet of B type fires. Finally, the C means that it does not conduct electricity, and you can also use it on C type fires.

That’s all about the types of car fires.

How You Can Prevent A Car Fire

We have discussed everything about the best fire extinguisher for cars. Now, here is an interesting fact – most car fires can be prevented with some basic steps. If you follow the golden rule of “prevention is better than cure,” you won’t have to use a fire extinguisher ever!

Here are some tips to prevent a car fire –

1. Drive Safely – Do we need to remind you of this? Driving safe is the most desirable way you can prevent any sort of accident, including car fires.

Crashes or accidents are the primary causes of fires. So, if you maintain the approved speed, keep a safe distance from others, and say no to drunk driving, you won’t get into any trouble in the first place.

2. Regular car service – The next step is taking proper care of your car. Timely services can identify the problems before they become a hazard. Regular services would also keep your vehicle in good form and eliminate any issue that might generate fire in the future.

3. Avoid leaks – If you ever notice oil being spilled under your car, immediately contact your mechanic and get it sorted. These spills may become hazardous later and cause a fire.

4. Ensure safe parking – Whenever you park your vehicle, make sure that the surroundings do not have any flammable material or anything that can cause a spark. For example – long dry grass during hot sunny days may act as a fire igniter and can cause trouble.

5. Transport flammable materials safely – Transporting inflammable materials in your car is definitely not a good thing to practice in the first place.

Still, if you are carrying any inflammable material in your car, such as gasoline, always make sure that it is in the certified tanks. Keep the container away from the passenger compartment and always follow the local rules and regulations of your area.

Best Fire Extinguishers – Conclusion

If you are a car owner, carrying the best fire extinguisher for cars is a must. According to the scientific data, fire doubles up every thirty seconds. Therefore, during a fire hazard, every single second count.

In such dramatic situations, you can only trust highly reliable safety equipment.

Our guide has given you the list of the best fire extinguishers available in the market. With our guide, you know about the methods by which you can buy the most convenient one for you. Plus, you also understand all the types of fires and how you can prevent them from happening in the first place.

Now, it is your turn to choose the most suitable one for your safety.

Safe driving!

FAQs on Fire Extinguishers

  1. What Is The Difference Between A Clean Agent And A Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher?

    A dry chemical extinguisher disrupts the chemical reaction that takes place in the fire and is highly effective against all types of fires. However, it may damage your car’s engine or any electrical equipment. (A small price against the safety of your loved ones or your car). Clean agent extinguishers, also called halogenated extinguishers, use a mix of separate gases to work against the fire and are generally effective against type A and type B fires only.

  2. Which Size Fire Extinguisher Is Enough For My Car?

    Most of the car owners carry a 2.5 lbs dry chemical fire extinguisher in their cars. This size is quite ideal for all types of cars. However, if you have a large SUV or a truck, you can get a bigger size.

  3. How Should I Dispose Of An Expired Fire Extinguisher?

    The disposal of a fire extinguishing depends very much on the agent stored in the extinguisher. The latest dry chemical extinguishers can be disposed of in normal trash bags and their metal cylinders can be recycled. If the chemical is non-toxic or biodegradable, it is easily disposed of at landfills. However, if you have an old extinguisher, make sure you take it to a specialized shop or a collection center. Trained personnel will depressurize the equipment and handle it with special care. Never forget that the inside material of the cans may be really harmful as well as carcinogenic in nature.

  4. Can I Use A Foam Extinguisher For My Car?

    No. Foam extinguishers are only efficient against type A fires but fail against type B fires. On the contrary, sometimes, they can even elevate the spread of type B fires. So, it is not recommended to use them in your car. Besides that, you should also not carry a water-type or CO2-type fire extinguisher in your car. The first one is ineffective against class B and C fires, and the CO2 ones fail against Class A fires.

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