SEMA 2022

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SEMA 2022 kicks off Monday night !

SEMA 2022

This years SEMA didn’t disappoint. With the “bad thing” mostly behind us, both the vendors and attendees came out in force. As usual, the Monday night kickoff event was lit. The DJ kept us all energized with anticipation for the official first day.

2JZ swapped FD
2JZ swapped FD RX-7

This RX-7 appears relatively normal. Except for the clear reverse scoop in the carbon fiber hood. And the carbon fiber front splitter. Oh and the 2JZ with a turbo ! Using the headlights as air scoops was very clever.

Electrification was normal

Electric Motor
Electric motor swap
Hypercraft kit
Hypercraft kit

Last years show highlighted electrification as something special. 1 year later, and it’s just woven into the entire show. This setup shows how you could yank the motor out of your car and drop in an electric one. Several vendors had kits that allowed you to do it. Hypercraft showed their intentions for this last year. It was exciting to see theirs on display. Everything you need. Another manufacturer’s kit used the driveline out of a Tesla and included all the parts you’d need: Inverter, controllers, battery pack, motor, etc. Only issue was, it was $60k. For that coin you could buy a nice electric car of your choice. But electrifying your unique car, say a C2 Corvette or AC Cobra would give you something no one else has.

Electrified SL
Electric SL

Here’s a great example. A beautiful old school SL. As is, they fetch serious coin. So why not flare wide body it, put some big meat under those muscular flares, and drop an electric motor in it?

Something for everyone

All terrain Gremlin
All terrain Gremlin

SEMA brings the most amazing vehicles in existence. Here’s something you don’t see everyday. An AMC Gremlin. But not just any Gremlin. How about one kitted out with tractor treads to go anywhere and everywhere?

Fisker Hypercar

This stunning Fisker hypercar was fully kitted out with carbon. Even carbon fiber rims.

Old vehicle
Oldie !

Not exactly sure what this thing was, but dang it was cool. The copper front cowl gleamed in the sun as did the paint.

Monster truck
Retro truck

Trucks are a huge thing. The amount of “monster trucks” was overwhelming as usual. This example was tastefully done and even had a “mini-me” in the bed.

Chrome suspension of monster truck
Monster truck suspension

Here’s just one example. Just look at the detail on the suspension of this truck. The mix of chrome and powder coated parts that were clearly custom made was insane. The hours spent polishing it for the show must have been unreal.

Pinto wagon

Okay it’s just a Pinto. But is it? Well, you don’t see Pinto wagons often. Much less an LS swapped Pinto wagon.

Steam Punk slide truck
Steam Punk slide truck

This Steam punk slide truck and rat rod combo was just stunning. The patena was created and then clear coated. Every part appeared to be hand made.

The need for speed

Okay, time for the main attraction. High horsepower rides.

Hoonigan Mustang
Hoonigan Mustang

Ken Blocks 1,400 HP, AWD Hoonigan Mustang. At the kickoff, they showed a video of Ken ripping through the streets in an AWD Audi. Lighting up all 4 wheels to make turns that defied the laws of physics. In the upper left, the lime green Pantera is the one you saw on Bitchin Rides.

LS Corvette
LS Corvette

A stunning example of a resto-mod LS swapped Corvette. If the hood didn’t have the clear cutout, you’d never know. Until you heard it.

Emilia's C8
Emilia’s C8

Youtube star Emilia Hartford had her twin turbo C8 at the show. It was just sitting outside, not in a booth. Being one of the fastest C8’s out there makes it special.

Making the great even better

New performance cars seem to have peaked. But of course, they an always be made better.

Convertible challenger
Convertible challenger

Dodge is always out in force at SEMA and they didn’t disappoint this year. The highlight for me was this convertible conversion. The spokesperson said they’ll ship your new Challenger to a Drop Top Customs in Florida that will convert it for you. Granted, it’s $26k but your Demon will be one of a kind.

Yenko Camaro
Yenko Camaro

Yenko’s 1,100 HP Camaro. In a few years, this will be as rare as hen’s teeth.

Modern LS 6 Chevelle
Modern chevelle

Trans Am Worldwide is bringing back the LS6 Chevelle. The most desirable Chevelle is the 1970 LS6 454 with an M22 rock crusher tranny and a 12 bolt. They take a modern Camaro and transform it. Even the rear bumper looks like a Chevelle.

The future

Lexus Electric concept
Lexus concept

Lexus presented this as their successor to the LFA. The Lexus Electrified Sport will do 0-60 in under 2 seconds with a range of over 430 miles. They were talking about using solid state batteries which is a future technology. It was absolutely stunning.

Hyperion XP-1 supercar
Hyperion XP-1 supercar

Hyperion’s scientists worked for the last 10 years to create this hydrogen powered supercar. The technology list includes hydrogen fuel cells, jet propulsion, and solar panels. I thought it looked alot like Speed Racer’s Mach Five.

2 Trade show girls
See you next year !

Looking forward to SEMA 2023 !

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